Kāya Health Clubs Extend Their Service Offering By Providing Yoga, Pilates, And Barre Classes

Yoga, Pilates, and barre classes are now offered by Kāya Health Clubs

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 66% men and 64% women in Australia participate in sport and physical recreation activities. Amongst those, there is a common trend to practise alternative sport disciplines such as yoga or Pilates, not just for fitness and health but also for managing stress. To answer that rising demand Kaya Health Clubs have now extended their offer by providing yoga, Pilates, and barre classes.

To provide the most authentic yoga experience, Kāya Health Clubs make sure their teachers are all dedicated yogi’s, fully immersed in their practise. Their knowledge and passion help to create a supportive and calm environment for everyone attending, while also being able to adjust to specific needs of a group or individual. Yoga classes (http://kayahealthclubs.com.au/yoga-classes) range from traditional Hatha Yoga treated as an entry level yoga, through Yin Yoga generally used to increase mobility and help recovery, Vinyasa Yoga for experienced members looking for a ‘power flow’ yoga practise and finally Yoga Nidra which focuses on rejuvenation and deep relaxation.

Kāya Health Clubs offer is equally interesting when it comes to Pilates classes (http://kayahealthclubs.com.au/pilates-classes). Their instructors are accredited by the Elixr School of Pilates (ESOP) – the Australia’s leading pilates education provider. ESOP is recognized and endorsed by the Fitness Institute of Australia. Kāya pilates classes focus on strengthening and decompressing the spine, reducing the risk of back injury as well as contributing to overall quality of life. Both Pilates Reformer and Pilates Mat Classes are dedicated to increasing range of motion, improving flexibility and support injury rehabilitation.

The last addition to Kāya’s offer are barre classes (http://kayahealthclubs.com.au/barre-classes). They were developed to be suitable for members of all levels and are based around ballet and dance training. The goal of barre classes is to incorporate principles of Pilates, classical ballet and functional movement to help improve alignment and postural strength. During barre classes Kāya teachers emphasize the importance of core strength for maximum safety and results.

Kāya Health Clubs is Melbourne’s premier mind & body health club. It is a family business established by Koula and Christian Ruggeri back in 2012 in the original Prahran location. In 2015 Kāya expanded to second location – Emporium Melbourne. Their goal from the very beginning was to provide members with a welcoming sanctuary and memorable experiences and to assist them in their journey to enhanced wellbeing.

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