Katti Power Celebrates “Turns Out I’m Hot After All” Hitting Best Seller in Less than 12 Hours.

New book, “Turns Out I’m HOT After All: How I Got My POWER Back After a Breakup” by Katti Power hit international best seller on February 14, 2021. The book aims to help people stand confidently and powerfully in their own incredible identity.

Award-winning performance coach, Katti Power launched her first book, “Turns Out I’m HOT After All: How I Got My POWER Back After a Breakup”, to Amazon International Best Seller on Valentine's Day, 2021. She got the inspiration to write the book after her husband of 17 years left her.

As Power discovered that how she wanted to feel in her marriage -- loveable, desirable, and sexy, were decisions she could make for herself, instead of waiting for someone else to bestow on her, she wanted to help others get their sense of self back too. The book helps people heal the wounds they’ve suffered from their past and move forward with a sense of power and ownership so that they can go boldly after the desires of their heart.

“When I first got the idea to write this book, it was going to be nothing more than a fun look at my first year of being separated and online dating in my 40s during a pandemic,” says Power. “Once I realized how my story of regaining my sense of self could empower other women in similar circumstances, this book took on a totally different purpose and sense of urgency.”

Just 3 days before her big launch day, Power’s beloved 94-yr-old grandma passed away, leaving a giant void in her heart and a big decision on her plate about whether to continue with her book launch. Her decision to move forward proved to be the right one, because before the clock struck 10:00 a.m. Pacific time, Power's book had already become an international bestseller.

“I loved reading this book and it really sets out a way to take on your own power and get the support to achieve your goals and dreams in life! I’d recommend it to anyone going through a point in your life where you’re unsure of your next steps and where to go.” ~ Diann S.

“Well written and to the point about how to find you again and realize how to turn your hurt and anger into self empowerment!” ~ Amazon reviewer

“Even if you aren’t experiencing the aftermath of a breakup, this read is a quick step guide to feeling like yourself after lots of life transitions.” ~ RJ

Power got her start 20 years ago in the entertainment industry creating two back-to-back World Champions in international singing competitions, helping actors book roles on Broadway National Tours, helping singer-songwriters record and release albums, and coaching pageant competitors to win the crown. Now she also helps public speakers, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and coaches gain influence and lead with authority.

Power’s latest program, POWER UP Your Performance, is accepting applications from leaders looking to take charge of high-stress environments, unlock their full potential, and lead with authority. Applications are available at www.getmypowerup.com.

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