Professional Organizer Kathi Burns, CPO, founder of addSpace To Your Life!, best selling author and the creator of “Home Organizing Made Simple” shows “Daytime” viewers on April 18, 2014.

Kathi Burns, CPO, national speaker, founder of “addSpace To Your Life!”, author of the Amazon best seller, “How to Master Your Muck”, and creator of “Home Organizing Made SimpleTM” will be featured on “Daytime”, www.daytimeonline.tv, syndicated in more than 140 cities across America with hosts Jerry Penacoli and Cindy Edwards on April 18, 2014.

She will be showing viewers how to master their muck with “Spring Clearing” tips as opposed to “Spring Cleaning” tips. Kathi explains, “You have to get rid of the clutter before you can actually start cleaning and creating space.” Kathi continues, “People actually do more of what they enjoy when they have space and peace in their home. The benefits of being organized far outweigh the alternative of being disorganized. People are not as stressed; they are healthier, in control, more confident and much happier. Other benefits of being organized are saving time and money. It is empowering but it can also be overwhelming to get started. Organizing is essential to success and achieving goals, but it can also be a roadblock.”

Daytime viewers will learn items and steps that make organizing very simple and easy to maintain. These tips were originally introduced in Kathi's signature best selling book, “How To Master Your Muck” and expanded on in her latest book, “Home Organization, the Smart Guide ~ Make Room for Yourself in Your Home” and her new Online course, “Organizing Made Simple”.

It all begins with clearing the space. Kathi uses a laundry basket and a timer to start the process of eliminating those items that are no longer needed or wanted. “Daytime” viewers will have the opportunity to win a copy of “Home Organization, the Smart Guide” by visiting http://www.addSpaceToYourLife.com/HomeOrganize.html

There are many stumbling blocks to getting organized. Kathi offers solutions that make the living space so much more enjoyable. Kathi suggests, “Embrace the ‘baby steps' philosophy for spring clearing by breaking the entire project up into easy digestible portions, and dividing the project up in sections or rooms. And remember to reward yourself each time you accomplish a step. Once systems have been established and habits are made; life will be much easier and calmer than ever expected.”

Is getting organized a skill that can be learned and improved on? Many times people approach clutter and disorganization as a space problem that can be solved by bins and organizers. Measures like these “are based on the concept that this is a house problem,” said David F. Tolin, an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at Yale. “It isn't a house problem,” he went on. “It's a person problem. The person needs to fundamentally change their behavior.”

Kathi comments, “I have discovered in my tenure of organizing many people with different personalities and styles that once the commitment is made; the systems are in place and it becomes a habit; they want to continue being organized. It does take a lot of practice and time but the rewards are so worth it. There is nothing like the peace and confidence of knowing where things are and feeling good in your own home by adding space to your life you create more energy and time to do what you love.”

Kathi Burns will be showing Daytime viewers in over 140 cities “How to Spring Clear” on April 18, 2014 www.daytimeonline.tv. To register for a copy of “Home Organization, the Smart Guide” visit www.addSpaceToYourLIfe.com/HomeOrganize.html

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