Kardiel Announces the Next Generation of Retail Furniture Websites

Kardiel.com a renowned retailer of mid-century modern furniture, releases one year web project on April Fools day.

Seattle, WA: Today Kardiel.com, a U.S family owned company that specializes in reproducing long forgotten mid century modern furniture designs, announced that they have released the next generation of furniture websites.

After a year in development the new site was released ironically on April Fools day, Friday the 1st of April. The goal of the new website was to improve the shopping experience to a level where it has a similar appeal to the experience at a traditional brick and mortar retailer. Kardiel admits that providing a similar experience to a brick and mortar experience is achievable in some aspects but not all. It may come as a surprise that an online experience can even excel past that of a brick and mortar experience in certain ways. Kardiel states the ways a customer can gather information from a well designed site is often better than what they would experience in person at a retail store. Kardiel even admits this with their own location in West Sacramento, CA.

“Technology is moving quickly and success has gone beyond having a fabulous product” states Kardiel. It takes a diligent study of what the customer is going through emotionally during a shopping experience. Allowing the visitor to choose the level of interaction with a shopping experience is more important now that it was even 3 years ago. Kardiel has learned if too much information is provided at the wrong time shoppers are overwhelmed.

When designing the new kardiel.com the consistent theme was “pull back.” Less is more in many cases. In a surprising move that goes against most retail philosophies, Kardiel removed all details from around the products on its category pages, including the price. These details can be retrieved but the shopper must “touch” the items with their curser. Kardiel states that this act of touching whether in the physical world or via an internet interface is only natural for a shopper. In a statement, Kardiel explains that by removing the content around its items the customer is allowed to see the item by itself without being influenced by the specifications of the item. If they get to the point where the item is of interest, a scroll over reveals enough information for the shopper to determine whether or not they wish to proceed to the purchase page.

Should a shopper wish to proceed to a purchase page, this is where the new design takes a more is better approach with the visual representation of the items they offer. The standard image sizes have been thrown out as Kardiel opted for a greater quantity of full size product images that take up the entire upper half of the page. Kardiel explains that this level is where a customer would like to get to know the item to see if it is a fit before purchasing.

The goal was to get the product close up and in enough angles for the customers to visualize it in their homes.

Although the initial stats are promising for the new design of Kardiel.com it is too early to tell whether the changes will improve the shopping experience for the customer.

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