Kairos Offers Free 3 Month Pilot To Help Businesses Understand Customer Lifetime Value

Kairos is offering a unique application that can calculate customer lifetime value and help businesses optimize their relationships with all customers for a more profitable future.

Customer Lifetime Value is a concept that describes the total value of a customer relationship over its lifespan. Traditionally this has been hard to gauge with accuracy, but we now live in an age of Big Data, where a huge number of variables can be tracked and calculated through online engagements. Kairos is offering a three month pilot scheme to all businesses in order for them to experience a revolutionary new API that will deliver accurate, actionable insights on Customer Lifetime Value in a way that can transform business success.

The three month pilot will enable businesses to inform conversations in Contact Centers and offer gold-standard service to the right customers in order to maximize the value of these customers. The insights provided have many more applications, including the ability to customize a website based on what that site’s customers really want, and optimize marketing to have the greatest impact when it matters most.

What’s more, it allows companies to track customer engagement and strike when that customer is at their peak, taking advantage of opportune moments in a way that has symbiotic results, making customers feel a company understands them uniquely while getting the business the best value from that customer.

Businesses no longer need a team of Data Scientists or their own Hadoop cluster - Kairos delivers the level of advanced Analytics that previously only the biggest organizations could contemplate, while remaining accessible to small and medium sized enterprises.

A spokesperson for Kairos explained, “The Kairos pilot is a unique opportunity to see what a difference this level of insight can make in just 90 days. Once businesses have experienced operating with this level of insight we are confident they’ll wonder how they ever managed without it. CLV insight is so essential to growing a successful business, but has previously been restricted to the privileged few. Now we can provide accurate data that can help businesses grow quickly and effectively by making the most of every customer.”

About Kairos: Kairos applies advanced Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning techniques to calculate Customer Lifetime Value to a high degree of accuracy. They provide a simple Application Programming Interface to load data into Kairos, where they will then automatically aggregate it with Geodemographic data as well as data from all major Web &Social Analytics providers.

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