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Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese custom of geomancy or the art of placing auspicious items in the right place. The words Feng and Shui mean wind and water, which a few believe begins because ancient villages were situated based on proximity to water and the possibility of upcoming winds. Feng Shui is a blend of aesthetics (placing items where they look right) and pragmatics (placing items where they are found useful). It was developed in China over 3000 years ago that makes us learn how to balance the energies in any provided space to bring good fortune for the people. It is mainly done by aligning people’s lives with the universe’s infinite energy to bring health and happiness. If people want to apply the feng shui rules, Feng Shui Gold is a suitable option. Kaigold is the top destination of Feng Shui Gold in the Vietnam market, which brings the latest design trend, focusing on the core and advanced trends of Asian jewelry. With the scale of designs and products, Kaigold brings several new forms of Feng Shui Gold products to the leading market today with super product quality, grabbing customers’ attention with numerous attractive designs that are highly appreciated. Besides supporting its reputation by product design and quality, exclusive factors and manufacturing technology are crucial for Kaigold to appeal to customers.

In Feng Shui, although every metal is associated with the planets in the solar system, it is highly optimistic of them all: Gold, with its warm glow, shows the sun. Golden objects are considered auspicious as they have the sun’s yang energy infusing them and are more potent for attracting abundant wealth. The metal gold and the color of gold hold huge significance in the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, as gold shows vibrant energy, positivity and invites great fortune to the home. With great strength in design and production, licensed to create 9999 gold by the State Bank with 3D and 5D technology. Specifically, 5D technology makes extremely modern jewelry products, with great hardness and sharpness, that look finest over the traditional 24K gold. As a prestigious wholesale distributor for several years, Kaigold products consistently ensure several quality criteria according to Vietnamese and international standards. Following the fashion trends of Asian culture and young people, the Kaigold designs always stay ahead of the trends; along with that, customers are well-advised by knowledgeable staff on feng shui, selecting suitable products. Destiny, age, how to use to bring the good feng shui meaning to the buyers.

The quality is extremely appreciated in media and newspapers; Kaigold is the top-quality service voted by customers by esteemed retailers. Kaigold, with the touch of modernity and tradition, provides customers with the new and most sophisticated experiences imbued with Asian culture.
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About the Company: Kaigold is a top reputed supplier of Feng Shui Gold in Vietnam.

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