Just Tested: 90 Day Program Helps 68 Year Old Women Stop Stuttering

It really is possible to go from severe stuttering to excellent speech in just 3 months. This new and innovative approach to speech improvement promises to deliver observable and lasting results in time than imagined.

Using Michael Williams’ PRO90D Speech System this 68 year old lady finally gets relief from stuttering.

Stuttering plagues a whopping 1% of the total world population according to many sources. However, this number may actually be higher since much of the research is taken from the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Countries in the East and Middle East may not have been counted as thoroughly as possible. In addition, some data suggest that women tend to under-report stuttering thus lowering the actual percentage of reported stutterers. What this all adds up to is that stuttering is a huge problem for many people and can literally paralysis their speech in certain situations. Opportunities are missed, potential is under-realized and people go through life frustrated, angry or simply living far beneath their true capabilities.

Joyce Smith, who is now 68 explained in her own words that she lived such a life. She sought help from various programs around the world and even spent more than 13 months in the U.K. seeking relief from stuttering. Joyce was serious about improving her speech no matter how long it took her or how much she had to spend. But, to no avail, each program disappointed her when she returned to her home and had to deal with her everyday environment. Then, one day something happened.

She was searching the Internet for solutions and came across Michael Williams on YouTube. She watched his ABC’s of Smoother Speech and somehow found herself completely fluent for about a week. She thought to herself, “If I can be fluent for a week by just watching some of his videos, what more can I do if I do the full program?” Joyce did some more research and with the help of her children contacted Michael about his Private Intensive Coaching and immediately started seeing amazing results.

While Joyce has completed her basic coaching period, she is continuing to work on her speech because she really enjoys speaking and wants to be the very best speaker and presenter she can be. Now she has the confidence and experience to prove that she actually can say what she wants to say when she wants to say it. She has even started making inspirational videos on how to stop stuttering to help others who have struggled the way she has.

Why did Joyce choose Michael’s approach? First, she was impressed because Michael himself stuttered for more than 20 years and discovered a way to not stop stuttering, but become an excellent speaker. She knew that he could identify with her and walk with her down the path toward excellent speech. This approach fascinated Joyce and many others since it was quite different from traditional stuttering treatment approaches. Michael later developed the PRO90D Speech System and based it on a very simple concept. That is, don’t focus on trying to stop stuttering; focus on replacing the current style of speaking and thinking with a new one. This approach is also based on the fact that speaking is a learnable skill and habit. Therefore, just like acquiring proficiency in a new language, if one learns and immerses herself in that new language, she can become fluent to the point where she no longer need to think about it anymore.

To learn more about how to use this new and innovative way for mild, severe or situational stutterers to dramatically improve their speech visit: https://PRO90D.com

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