Just Start Investing Launches a Guide to Finding the Best Credit Cards and to Boost Your Credit Score

Just Start Investing has published a new all-in-one guide highlighting the best credit cards to help build a fair or average credit score in 2020, along with the steps to learn how to do it.

Just Start Investing has recently published a new guide that highlights the 9 best credit cards for someone with fair credit of 2020. There is a lot of uncertainty in personal finance right now, including whether or a not recession is here to stay, which could impact everything from the stock market to unemployment rates. Though, one thing stays the same: you still have the opportunity to build up your credit score by using credit cards responsibly.

The article, best credit cards for someone with fair credit, covers the basics to help you find the right credit card for you and build your score. It starts by highlighting what you should look for in this type of credit card, which primarily should be low fees. Rewards and perks are nice, but should not be the main focus of someone looking for a credit card when they have fair credit.

Kevin, a Writer at Just Start Investing, stated, “Credit cards are a great tool to earn cash back and rewards, but that is not all they can do. Someone with fair or average credit might not be able to get approved for lucrative credit cards, so their primary goal should be to find a card they can get approved for with low fees, and use that card to build up their credit score. Then, in the future, they can get those great cash back and rewards credit cards”

This new article does more than just list the top credit cards for someone with fair credit, it also details exactly what you should be looking for in this type of credit card, and oulines the the six things you should do when finding a card for you:
1. Check your credit score
2. Find a low annual fee
3. Minimize all other fees
4. Consider rewards
5. Confirm what credit bureaus it reports to
6. Explore upgrade options

On top of providing information on how to find a card, the article also dives deep into topics such as, “How to Improve Your Credit Score with a Credit Card,” and “What to do if You Are Denied for a Credit Card.”

For example, the most important thing to do when improving your credit score is to always make payments on time.
Kevin states that, “A credit card can help build your credit score in a few ways, like by improving your credit mix and increasing your credit limit. However, the best way to build your score is to continue to make your payments on time and in full every month. Even one missed payment can have a large negative effect on your credit score.”

Just Start Investing also features a comprehensive guide on the types of credit cards. If a “fair credit credit card” is not right for you, this guide will help you identify which credit card category to be searcing under.

Just Start Investing hopes that these credit cards guides will help consumers make the most of their spending and improve their credit scores, especially during these uncertain times.

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