Just Pretend Kids Presents Dress Up Clothes Children Are Sure to Love

Child psychologists find dress up play offers a child the opportunity to use his or her imagination, develop their conscience and explore gender role identification, reports JustPretendKids.com

Child Psychologist Dr. Laurie Zelinger emphasizes the importance of dress up play for children. When children dress up in any costume, whether it be a pirate outfit or a princess dress (http://justpretendkids.com/princess-dresses.html) he or she kicks their imagination into high gear. The child experiments with a new role while providing a look into his or her inner feelings for the parent. Just Pretend Kids recognizes the importance of dress up play for children and offers a wide variety of items designed for this purpose.

"Provide a child with dress up clothes and his or her imagination takes over. They begin to explore new ideas when they put the clothes on and have fun while doing so. Children need to play to grow and learn, and dress up clothes give them a great opportunity to do so," Sean Burgess, spokesperson for Just Pretend Kids, explains.

Children learn about gender role identification when playing dress up. Little boys tend to gravitate to costumes such as superheroes or fireman or choose to dress up as their dad does for work. Little girls, in contrast, often pick princess dresses, tutus (http://justpretendkids.com/tutus.html), or clothes like mom wears. They do so as they wish to emulate the parent of the same sex, and this is only one benefit of playing dress up.

Burgess continues on to say children learn about interpersonal relationships and how they change and grow. Watch children dress up and see how they take on multiple roles over time. A child may be the mother at one point and the father at another or simply choose to take on the role of husband or wife with no children present. It depends on what they wish to do as they play house that time, and this changes from dress up session to dress up session.

Finally, dress up play offers a role in conscience development. Children make rules for dress up play and, although the rules may change over time, all participants are expected to abide by them as they play. Parents see their child's conscience being formed as the play changes and the children participating grow and develop.

"Never overlook the importance of dress up play when it comes to a child. All play is important for children, yet parents need to provide a wide range of toys for the child to play with. Dress up clothes are one of many examples of fun things for kids to play. Turn to Just Pretend Kids to provide a child with body suits, tutus, wings, wands, backpacks, princess dresses and more. In addition, the site offers party decor and accessories for a great time all around. Be sure to check it out," Burgess states.

About Just Pretend Kids:

Just Pretend Kids offers a variety of items designed to allow children to use their imagination to transform themselves into a variety of people. Offering everything from tutus and princess dresses to costumes and plush, parents find they can help their child dream big at a reasonable cost. The fun children have when playing dress up is enough for many, yet Just Pretend Kids understands it plays a much bigger role in the person's life as they grow and mature. For this reason, they offer everything one needs to dress up every day.

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