Juicy Results Celebrates a Massively Successful First Year of The Guaranteed SEO Program

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Juicy Results Achieves Top Placement on Google When Searching “Guaranteed SEO”

In this age of technology, business can live or die based on the exposure they receive from search engines. With Google being the king of all search engines, high placement of the company’s web pages in search results can bring a great company into the spotlight. Without this vital exposure, most companies will never receive the recognition they deserve. This is where Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, comes in.

Through complex management of text, HTML coding, and other practices, this internet marketing strategy brings specific websites to the front page of search results and attracts more viewers and subsequently more business. The team at Juicy Results has mastered the concepts of SEO and is celebrating the first year anniversary of their triumphant “Guaranteed SEO Program.”

Internet marketing has become a battlefield over the years, with multiple companies vying for ultimate control over their client’s SEO management. With varying rates and an equally wide spectrum of success and failure, Juicy Results sought to provide their clients with a program that guaranteed success. Through this, clients would be assured that their money is well spent, and the results would be far beyond their expectations. It all began with the CEO of Juicy Results, Jeremy Pound, and one of his team members, Patrick Hartoonian who is well versed in the realm of SEO marketing.

The two sat down and conceived a program, seeking out a method by which they could offer a SEO Guarantee to their clients. After several months, the plan was outlined and ready for testing. Within one day of reaching out to contacts in the Juicy Results database, the program had its first client. Now, after the first year of the program, the results have been stellar. Here is what JP Hervis of Insider Media Management had to say about his experience with the program, "We believe Google search is going to continue to be a very important marketing tool for years. I am happy to report that Insider Media Management’s search traffic has grown 800% since we began our Guaranteed SEO program with our partners at Juicy Results.”

Jeremy Pound recently wrote a post on the Juicy Results blog, reminiscing about the days when the program was still a seed of an idea, just waiting for someone to have the courage to plant it. “I’ve had the idea of offering a guaranteed SEO product for years, but each time I discussed it with the team, they temporarily convinced me why it could not be done. So, just as Ford refused to believe his engineer’s pleas that a V8 engine could not be mass produced, I refused to permanently accept that idea. Finally, I changed my language from ‘can we’ to ‘how do we.’”

Now that Juicy Results is celebrating a prosperous first year of the program, the company is looking to the future, never settling and never ceasing their pursuit of perfection. “While I am proud of our program, there is room for improvement. Since content is at the heart of our program, one improvement already identified, will be the addition of more quality writers and editors to ensure that clients receive top notch quality content that fits their business,” Jeremy Pound said in his recent blog post.

When searching the keywords “Guaranteed SEO” on Google, Juicy Results appears not only in the first page, but usually as the first result. Coincidence? Not likely, this company and its CEO have cracked the SEO nut, and this is only the beginning of a long and prosperous future for both them, and their clients.

Juicy Results is an Internet Marketing agency that focuses on fast growing small and medium size businesses. Widely known for their industry-pioneering Guaranteed SEO service, they also offer web design, social media and other Internet advertising services. Celebrated as “The Internet Marketing Agency for the Fortune Five Million,” Juicy Results has helped hundreds of companies since its inception in 2009.

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