JPG to PNG Converter For Higher Quality Alternatives Launched by Free Picture Solutions

Free Picture Solutions has devised a JPG to PNG converter that will allow users to save high-res PNG images from lightweight JPG originals to better represent their content.

For many years, JPG has been the most common file type for images owing to its lightweight size and ability to compress images. However, JPG has been found to create a foggy or pixelated haze in some pictures and does not support features like transparency. PNG is a superior format in this regard but has disadvantages in size and portability of files. Free Picture Solutions has created a new software that allows users to convert JPG to PNG to get the best quality files to present to friends and family, or online viewers.

The software is free to download and use and comes with an intuitive user interface which allows individuals to set the options for their conversion as well as see a live preview of the image in question, and even has an advanced menu with additional options that are nevertheless still free to use.

The JPG to PNG software can be downloaded from the Free Picture Solutions website or from major resource download websites like CNET and SoftPedia, and is a resource light tool that will not tax processor resources when operating. The software can be used to convert one or a thousand images and can be shared freely among friends.

A spokesperson for Free Picture Solutions said, “With internet connections getting faster all the time, 4G making sites more accessible to mobiles, and the rise of Retina display technology, image quality is starting to take precedence over optimizing things for reduced size to increase the speed of loading on slower connections and lower resolution monitors of the past. Our JPG to PNG converter allows people to have high quality PNG files of their photos and represent them in the best way possible, whether taken from online or from high quality DSLR cameras. And to our customers surprise and delight it is 100% free to use.”

About Free Picture Solutions:
Free Picture Solutions are software developers specializing in creating free to use, simple software to convert image formats easily and quickly. The company has been in operation for two years and have established an excellent reputation with users for their image software. They have now branched out into video capture software.

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