JPal Launches First Ever Smart Synagogue Management Platform

The JPal APP is a new app offering Orthodox Jewry new ways to connect to their communities, with multiple features for members, as well as comprehensive management tools for synagogues.

JPal has announced their Kickstarter fundraising campaign today, to help complete and distribute their game-changing app for Orthodox Jews. The app will feature comprehensive management tools for individuals involved in the synagogue, and members will receive a suite of unique features designed to make praying and Torah study easier than ever, wherever they are. The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $60,000 to complete the development of the app and make it downloadable for all Orthodox Jews around the world, connecting the community in new ways.

The new app features include Minyan On Demand, which enables Orthodox Jews anywhere in the world to create a minyan and instantly notify thousands of users in the area, to make praying with a minyan easier than ever. The app also features JPal Live, which offers a comprehensive array of Torah resources taught by the world’s leading Jewish teachers.

The app will also include a comprehensive database of minyanim and shiurim, helping people find minyanim and shiurim wherever they are, connecting the Orthodox Jewish community around the world.

The app is also invaluable to synagogues, featuring fundraising and payment management tools, together with insights and analytics to help institutions make intelligent financial decisions based on real data. The app enables a synagogue to recognize members and donors, contact them easily, and notify members of events and opportunities.

A spokesperson for JPal APP explained, “JPal is a simple app with the power to create a new world of connectivity between Orthodox Jews in the 21st century. The app will better enable members and synagogues alike to manage their praying, Torah studies and fundraising, while connecting the community more cohesively. This will offer new opportunities that will help the Orthodox community stay proactive in a globalized, digital world.”

About JPal APP: JPal App is a new app for Orthodox Jews, enabling them to connect with communities around the world, access comprehensive study resources from the world’s leading Jewish teachers, connect to prayer and study groups, and more. At the same time, the app offers synagogues an unparalleled suite of easy to use management tools, an organized platform for community relations and events.

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