Joytar: The First Unibody 100% Carbon Fiber Guitar Set To Give Players Out-Of-This-World Playing Experience

Redefining traditional guitars to produce an hybrid of craftsmanship, design, technology

Joytar, the first unibody 100% carbon fiber guitar is set to take musical experience of artists to the next level. It is common knowledge that when it comes to musicians and musical instruments, the guitar bears the weight of many artists' first experience playing music. This is as the instrument plays a critical role in guiding players to getting that exceptional tone and quality they always desire. With Joytar, this exceptional tone and quality is taken to a high notch.

With Joytar, the material of conventional guitars is not only changed as the team completely revolutionized the manufacturing process and enhances its durability. This makes Joytar the first all-carbon fiber guitar that uses an integrated molding process to ensure the consistency of product strength, with no adjustment rod needed. The Joytar comes with superior strength and extreme durability. Joytar is designed with a unique bright tone and are highly portable. The small-body guitar comes with a big defined sound that will give users an out-of-this-world playing experience.

With traditional guitars built with wood comes its fragility and heavy weight. However, with Joytar, players get to enjoy a lightweight guitar and one that has a unique bright tone and is highly portable. Joytar redefines the hybrid of craftsmanship, design, technology while still performing to the best sound quality. With Joytar guitar, players are assured of getting an excellent acoustic performance. This is as Joytar was crafted in a single piece, utilizing one-piece molding technology and made entirely out of aerospace-grade carbon fiber. This makes the guitar come with a structure characterized by three-dimensional, thin, and high strength, and delivering a tone that is more pure and pleasant. Sound from the Power Nest™ acoustic beam structure can be perfectly transmitted in the panel and resonate for the longest time thus making every performance brighter and richer.

The carbon fiber guitar is designed to have high strength with minimum material used. The guitar also comes with an ultra-thin panel, that is only 1.0 mm, and helps to improve the sound quality to the greatest extent. In addition, the non-bracing design of Joytar breaks through the limitations of traditional wood and reduces sound quality loss. For its strings, players of Joytar are assured of getting unparalleled sound quality. This is as Joytar guitars come with Elixir strings, a brand characterized as the Rolls & Roy's of guitar strings.

From the first touch, players get to feel how Joytar stand out from traditional guitars through its unusually lightweight, comfortable, and design aesthetics. The Joytar guitar only weighs 1.4kg, roughly the same as a MacBook Pro. With its double-waist panel design, players get a soft curve rather than a right angle found in traditional wooden guitars. This makes the Joytar guitar perfectly fit the body when playing, and it will not affect the player’s comfort even after playing for a long time.

Joytar was also built to last a long time as carbon fiber guitar body can bear 75kg weight without getting damaged. Joytar can also resist regular drops without any damage and in cases of extreme environmental conditions, there is no change in the physical shape of the guitar under extreme temperature from -25 Celsius to 85 Celsius.

Furthermore, Joytar comes with Bluetooth compatibility with Apple GarageBand, where players can record and edit their guitar pieces to make amazing songs. The preamp system embedded on the side of the Joytar gives players various possibilities to demonstrate to friends, families, or an even greater audience.

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