Journey On An Island With Nyaowees, The Cutest Creature NFTs is Launched

Full of mystery and challenges, Nyaowees NFT collection is going to be launched soon with plenty of benefits for holders.

Nyaowees are creatures living on an island named Shellpurr. These mysterious creatures have their thriving community in a world full of mystery and challenges. The Nyaowees collection consists of only 1024 NFTs, each created with unique colourways, traits, and personalities waiting to be discovered.

Hypermike Games created the Nyaowees to seed fund their endeavour of becoming an independent game development studio with a thriving community of game enthusiasts and stakeholders. In Nyaowees, collectors will not only claim blockchain-certified ownership of an original piece of art. They are also entitled to dividends from 50% of royalties of subsequent Nyaowee Universe NFT collections, get exclusive development stage and early-bird access to future Hypermike Games software products free for life, as well as participate in company direction. Plus the team has prepared many engaging activities inline with the Nyaowee lore on the Hypermike Games Official Discord server.

The collection will start listing at Opensea on January 29, 2022 11:00H EST and scheduled for weekly drops with 256 items each henceforth. Be on the lookout for presale and giveaway announcements on their official media channels. Build a Nyaoworld with Hypermike Games!

About Hypermike Games

Hypermike Games is a team of avid gamers, passionate artists, and hard workers that will use every opportunity to learn, create and add to the repository of intelligent amusement. The goal of Hypermike games is to create a unique game development ecosystem where the community, gamers, and developers collaborate to develop and realise awesome games with the help of NFTs. The Nyaowees NFT project is the contract of collaboration for everyone who holds it and the development team.

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