Josh Brody Brings Silicon Valley to Minneapolis

Popular tech mogul moves home and brings Silicon Valley know-how with him. With the launch of his agency ViableType, Inc., startups and existing businesses in the Twin Cities will get a feel for the quality and culture that the Bay Area offers.

With the launch of ViableType, Inc., a web and mobile development agency, it seems that Josh Brody has finally decided to cement himself in his hometown.

After a few years of bouncing around startups and Fortune-500 corporations, the fiery and exuberant twenty-three year old has finally returned home to Minneapolis, Minnesota. In regards to his new company's launch, Brody said, “we're going to do some big things here. Most of all, we're going to do things differently, and really bring a taste of what Silicon Valley offers to the Twin Cities.”

“What really differentiates us from our peers is that we prioritize entrepreneurial success in each of our hires. There's not one person on our team that couldn’t competently and successfully run any company.” Adding, “there are people who develop for a business, and there are people who develop a business. We’re the latter, if that wasn’t clear,” he said with a wink.

Brody has worked with the likes of Google, Uber, and Pinterest. He has also been successful in his own ventures with his first exit at only eighteen years old and another shortly thereafter. “He'll never admit he’s the smartest person in the room but most would agree he often is,” senior executive at Google, Mike Korovo, said when we reached out for comment. “He'll tell you that he’s more curious than most. I think that’s his way of remaining humble about it. He’s a very humble kid … at least, until you get him talking about how he was funny in high school.”

ViableType, Inc. will be focusing on custom mobile application development for Apple's iOS for iPhones and Google’s Android operating systems, as well as web application development. They will be partnering with everyone from established companies and startups. “In addition to experience, we bring a lot to the table as far as development goes. During the product development process, by nature, our entire team is always asking themselves ‘how does this support the business process?’ When the product is finished, our team is always confident that we have a winner.”

Brody adds that his workforce is mostly remote, with eight employees, but he also plans for an office in the Warehouse District or the North Loop Neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis. ViableType, Inc. is also actively in talks with marketing and advertising agencies for a long-term partnership. He said he's excited to add Minnesota-based startups to ViableType, Inc.'s already impressive client list.

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