Jose Gonzalez Publishing, Ltd.'s How to Get Over Your Ex Marks Sixth Anniversary

Sales of the guide, much like relationship failure rates, remain strong, publishes

Lifestyle reports estimate between 300,000 and 600,000 relationships end across the globe on any given day. These range from short-term connections to marriages spanning decades during which two people built entire lives together. In many cases, those involved are left picking up the pieces of their lives with no clear understanding of how to proceed. This is no secret to foremost authority on the subject, Jose Gonzalez who authored The how to Get Over Your Ex guide for men. This year marks the sixth anniversary of the book's release, and with relationship failure statistics showing no signs of letting up, sales of this publication remain strong.

Said Gonzalez, "A number of years ago, I found myself in the same place as so many other people do every day. Trying to figure out how to get over the pain cost me a great deal of time I'll never get back. I had to find my way on my own, learning through my mistakes as well as my triumphs. Once I finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel, I decided to share the wisdom of my experience with others going through the same hardships. The result of my efforts took the form of An ebook about getting over a breakup for men, and over the years, it has helped thousands of men avoid the mistakes I made."

An NLP-qualified author, Gonzalez initially released How to Get Over Your Ex in late 2010 through his self-titled company, Jose Gonzalez Publishing, Ltd. His book details measures he found most effective in a series of seven steps, one of which has been made available for free via his website. Said steps cover overcoming breakups from an array of angles and touch upon various issues men face following the dissolution of relationships.

Past readers are touting the book for its thoroughness as well as its positive influence. Amazon customers are giving the guide a five-star rating with rave reviews flooding other websites on which it is available. The ebook is currently being offered in a range of digital formats.

Concluded Gonzalez, "Learning how to get over a relationship took a certain amount of trial and error. My hope for this book was to save other men from having to go through the same drawn-out process, and I'm proud to say, based on all the positive reviews and grateful emails I've received, it's working. This alone made my experiences as well as my efforts worthwhile."

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