Jooy To Popularize E-Commerce With The First Turnkey Online Store Creator

Jooy is a newly launched website offering simple to use online store creator that allows businesses to build a fully functional mobile ready e-commerce solution without any coding knowledge.

Commerce has changed radically over its history, and the transition from physical money and physical stores to online stores and digital money is perhaps as great a shift in human history as the shift from the barter system to the monetary economy in the early days of society. Online stores are now used by the majority of shoppers, and the entrepreneurial have found ways to open online stores and make money from this impulse providing specialist goods. Jooy is a new online store creator for websites that promises effortless ways to sell products online.

Designed for everyone from the casual seller to the professional, the plugin comes with four distinct packages scaled to meet different needs, and low monthly subscription fees to take advantage of the service. With the Lite package, users can create an online store free. The service promises to take only 3 minutes to complete basic set up, whereupon users can sell products like the pros without the complexity of coding a store from scratch.

The store is mobile friendly to meet the latest trends in online shopping, while using a streamlined shopping cart that provides all major payment methods in an easy to understand process that can be completed in seconds, so that convenience for Jooy users translates to ease of user for their customers too.

A spokesperson for Jooy explained, “E-commerce has already been an amazing force for good in a lot of people’s lives, but even those who have prospered through it have had to upskill themselves in the advanced coding necessary to list items, accept payments and then codify a reasonable system to keep track of stock and sales. Jooy has done all this on behalf of our clients, so they can list items easily by simply uploading an image, setting the key variables like quantity and price and adding a description. It’s as easy to use as Ebay but provides a level of both control and professionalism that is sure to see people’s profit margins rise as a result. Our early customers have told us the system is so intuitive anybody could create an online store within minutes.”

About Jooy:
Jooy provides user-friendly e-commerce platform for causal online sellers. Without any coding knowledge, anyone can use this store design system to create a personalized and mobile-friendly online store in a super simple way. There has never been a better way for people to begin making money online from crafting, trading or even second hand clothes.

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