Jolie Labs Releases Own Vitamin C Serum Line, Now Available on

Youthful, healthy skin can make a person look 10 times younger. And with the breakthrough product from Jolie Labs now for sale on, gaining access to anti-aging solutions just got a lot easier.

Sun, pollution and cigarette smoke. Exposure to these can quickly cause the skin to display signs of damage, from fine lines to wrinkles to age spots. Knowing that healthy, supple and beautiful-looking skin is something that many women aspire to achieve, skin experts at Jolie Labs recently introduced their very own Jolie Vitamin C Serum, a topical solution that improves skin health, enhances the complexion, and produces a beautiful, youthful appearance.

The company is also pleased to announce that the revolutionary new product can be purchased hassle-free from the popular online retail site

During a person's younger years, Jolie Labs skin specialists explain, the skin has rich stores of vitamin C, causing it to look firm, supple, and damage-free. However, as years pass, the nutrient is gradually lost. In addition, women will find themselves frequently exposed to the harsh light of the sun, pollutants from a variety of environments, and smoke from their own cigarette smoking habit or from other people's. All these cause the amount of vitamin C in the skin to decline further.

Wrinkles are some of the most notable types of skin damage brought about by the reduction of vitamin C in the body. This vitamin, which is an antioxidant, works mainly to produce collagen, a protein that gives skin its elastic properties. Fine lines and age spots, on the other hand, are the result of constant exposure to UV rays from the sun — years of spending time under direct sunlight without the proper clothing, accessories or use of adequate amounts of sunscreen will surely produce the free radicals that cause these unsightly spots down the line.

The new anti-aging serum from Jolie Labs can help reverse the damage caused by the passage of time and exposure to external factors. The product combines the power of vitamin C, Amino complex, Hyaluronic acid, Alpha Tocopherol and Ferulic acid for a potent serum that works for a variety of skin types and conditions. The vitamin C serum delivers environmental protection against harmful free radicals and damaging UVA and UVB rays and stimulates the replenishment of lipids and firmness to visibly reduce wrinkles, fine lines and spots.

When it comes to the skin damage on the face, there's no better solution than using topical vitamin C; it reverses the damage and helps to regenerate other important antioxidants in the body, such as vitamin E (which is also an essential nutrient for improving skin). Jolie Vitamin C Serum is a light liquid that can be easily incorporated into a person's skin care regimen — after washing and toning, the serum can be applied to the face, neck and decollette. This process can be performed daily, and the serum is light enough to be used under makeup.

To experience the skin-rejuvenating effects of Jolie Vitamin C Serum, visit the product's dedicated page on ( and get the revolutionary skin product delivered securely to homes.

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