Joe Frazzette Of Wisdom Cafe Releases New Fiction Novel On How To Master The Mind

Joe Frazzette, author and entrepreneur of Wisdom Cafe, has released a new fiction novel titled, "Master or Servant". The book is a companion to Frazzette's non-fiction book, "Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula." Both books cover the subject of self-hypnosis, and meditation.

Author and entrepreneur of Wisdom Cafe, Joe Frazette, has launched a new fiction book. The latest novel, Master or Servant works as a companion book to a previous non-fiction book, Secrets of the Hypnotic Formula. Each manuscript is based on twelve rules of the mind and a practical method which can be used to create transformative results. It tackles various subjects, such as self-hypnosis and meditation as tools used in everyday life to manifest emotional and mental affirmations into physical realities.

The new book describes one man’s potential to master the subconscious mind and utilize thoughts which have been embedded mentally where they may never be realized by the conscious mind. Although it is fiction, its predecessor acted as a self-help guide of sorts, and the same possible transformation can be seen in the new text as well.

The “hypnotic formula” that was mentioned by Frazzette is meant to allow individuals to find happiness, which may otherwise remain hidden. It involves using repetition and continuous action to realize what the subconscious wants and is capable of bringing it to fruition. Those who follow the texts are encouraged to meditate as a means of inducing self-awareness and making self-hypnosis possible.

Joe invites the reader to follow along with David Christian as he realizes the key to a life of achievement and becomes the master of his own thoughts, rather than a servant to them. Described as an entertaining read, which will take the reader on a journey of self-discovery, the book sheds light on the potential of everyone who is willing to reach beyond the norm and dive deep inside to achieve greatness.

Master or Servant is currently available through in paperback edition or as an ebook for the Kindle reader via Amazon. It comes in two parts, Lessons Learned at the Wisdom Cafe and Recapture the Power Within. Both stories follow David Christian, with the second part taking place three and a half years after the end of the first part. For those who enjoy the David Christian series, Joe has also released a thriller titled, Deadly Slumber, which introduces the thrilling and dangerous mind of a serial killer to his readers.

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