Jobismo Launches to Help in Fight Against Rapidly Rising Nigerian Unemployment

Kaganate founder Victor Iweanya's new service is already proving valuable to Nigerians seeking secure, rewarding futures, Jobismo reports

As the country's nearly two hundred million residents grapple with challenging economic times, Kaganate co-founder Victor Iweanya announces the launch of Jobismo, a new Nigeria-focused job site. Between the plummeting price of oil, the recent withdrawal of a number of major employers, and a currency that many consider overvalued, Nigeria's economy has been slumping.

With President Muhammadu Buhari having just met with American Secretary of State John Kerry to talk about possible solutions, the launch of Jobismo represents real progress of an important kind. Jobismo Companies are ready to hire Nigerians now, and the brand-new site offers a wealth of valuable resources that will help job-seekers tailor their goals and develop their skills in rewarding ways.

"It has become clear that Nigeria faces some real economic challenges going forward," Iweanya observed, "While there is plenty of progress to be made at the highest levels, we believe that any durable recovery will involve working closely with individual Nigerian job-seekers to help them find their own places in this rapidly evolving economy. Our new service brings together employers and those looking for work in a way that accounts specifically for Nigeria's unique history, situation, and challenges. We're proud to be able to do our own part in the fight to secure prosperity and growth for a wonderful country and her people."

Possessor of the largest economy in Africa, and one that ranks around twentieth in the world overall, Nigeria has for many years been a major player on the world's economic stage. While the petroleum pricing boom of recent years buoyed the economy, the sharp price drops that have followed since have caused quite a bit in the way of pain.

With a number of multinational employers of formerly central significance having pulled out of the country over the last several years, Nigeria's unemployment rate has skyrocketed to well over ten percent. Experts are virtually unanimous in advising that the country must diversify its economy and assuage international concerns about corruption and an inflexible exchange rate if progress is to be made, but these high-level developments will take some time.

Jobismo was created to equip Nigeria and her ambitious, hard-working people with a much-needed tool of a more personal and accessible kind. Founder Iweanya rose to prominence through the creation of the Kaganate online community, a still-growing service that has been widely hailed as an especially impressive success story among Nigerian entrepreneurs working abroad.

Available now at, Iweanya's new project launches as the most comprehensive and advanced employment platform for Nigerians today. With dozens of major Nigerian employers already detailing openings at the new site, visitors can sort through the listings by role, industry, salary range, required qualifications, and other characteristics. In addition, Jobismo hosts a range of career development advice and other useful resources, making it a must-visit destination for anyone in Nigeria today.

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