Job Prospects Better For Graduates With Dual Degrees Reports Southwestern College

Southwestern College reports job prospects are better for graduates with Dual Art Therapy/ Counseling Degrees than for those with only an Art Therapy Degree.

In today’s competitive today’s job market, it is up to students to determine what field will serve them best over the course of their career. Southwestern College takes the approach that it is in the best interests of the students as well as the school to offer a range of methods a graduate will be able to take into the world to be the most appealing candidate to future employers. At Southwestern, students can not only pursue a dual degree in Counseling and Art Therapy, but also further expand on their marketable skills with specialty certificate programs.

“Employment opportunities have gotten more competitive across the United States in recent years,” Says Dr. Jim Nolan, President of Southwestern College. “Whether as part of a clinic, or in private practice, the graduate who has more skills and credentials will have more opportunities. It’s as simple as that.”

Of the degrees offered by the school, nowhere is it more evident that students need to consider their long term careers than in Art Therapy. In fact the college considers the employment success of their graduates so important that Art Therapy is only offered when combined with counseling.

“Art Therapy is only a licensed profession in four states, and while some states allow an Art Therapist to obtain license as a counselor, others do not. We want our graduates to be able to get licensure in every state, and the best way to do that is to ensure that they have the credentials to be either an Art Therapist or a Counselor,” explains Nolan.

In addition to ensuring that students have the credentials they need to find employment in the field, the school also offers an array of certificates to help both graduates and professionals. A student can earn a certificate while enrolled with only a handful of extra classes, making it a valuable option for professional development.

“Despite gains in the employment outlook in recent years, there is still considerable uncertainty,” concludes Nolan. “The times call for creativity, flexibility, skill acquisition and an open mind. A graduate who can practice as either an art therapist or a counselor, and has the credentials to work with children, or drug and alcohol issues, is going to be preferred in many places.”

Now in its 34th year, Southwestern College’s motto is Transforming Consciousness through Education. It is a graduate level institution that focuses on counseling and art therapy. Offering a holistic environment for learning, students undergo rigorous academic work that follows national standards for the Counseling and Art Therapy professions while also afforded opportunities for deeply meaningful interaction and sharing.

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