JGM Properties Now Leasing Woodbury Office Space

JGM Properties has announced the availability of office space for rent Woodbury Minnesota companies may want to consider. JGM Properties is a well-established property management company and this latest expansion is likely to push them further towards the top.

"At JGM Properties, the focus is on the customer," explains Eli Russell from JGM Properties. "Our customers are coming from near and far and our goal has always been to make sure that we never have to turn anybody away. As a result, we are now offering Woodbury office space for lease as well, having added it to our already extensive portfolio."

Woodbury is the largest city in Minnesota's Washington County. Officially, however, it is still a suburb that is attached to the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Because the area is so large, it makes sense for businesses to set up shop here and JGM Properties is surely making an effort to be at the forefront of this by offering Woodbury office space for lease. Indeed, as an up and coming business area, it is likely that the properties will soon all be leased out. However, JGM Properties will, in all likelihood, simply expand their portfolio even further.

Historically speaking, the economy of Woodbury was dependent on State Farm Insurance. However, this insurance company moved to Lincoln, Nebraska. But rather than plunging the city into poverty, this led to the creation of new types of economy. Although traditionally a farming area, Woodbury is now a center for retail and commerce that has shown its strength again and again. There are also many financial corporations operating from the city.

What JGM Properties wants to achieve is to be at the forefront of all this development. Woodbury, a town that literally built itself out of a forest, has proven itself to be diverse and to always find new areas for economic development. JGM Properties Woodbury available space, as can be seen here: www.jgmproperties.com/property/century-office-park/, wants to embody that same sentiment in their work. They want to be innovative and expand where it is needed.

Indeed, one of the things that the company is well known for is their flexibility and adaptability. They understand that businesses change and have to change if they are to remain competitive. This means that their needs in terms of office spaces, warehouses and more will change as well. Hence, although when it comes to finding office space for rent in Woodbury Minnesota is a great place to be, what JGM Properties wants to do is make sure renters and leasers continue to have the flexibility to allow their spaces to expand and contract together with their business.

JGM Properties can be contacted using the information below. Whether it is to find the perfect office space or warehouse in Woodbury or elsewhere in Minnesota, or whether it is to simply gather some information about the warehouse and office space market in this area, someone will be more than happy to assist.

JGM Properties
Eli Russell - 612-290-1037 - elir@jgmproperties.com
1224 W 96th Street
Bloomington, MN 55431

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