Jewelry Designer XaXe Lists Three Thousand Products On Pinterest

The Jeweler XaXe is leveraging the power of social media creating three thousand Pinterest posts to let online trends carry their pieces to new audiences.

Pearls have a lustre that has captured the human imagination since the dawn of civilisation. Perfect pearls are a naturally occurring jewel created by oysters- spherical and shining from the moment they are taken. These valuable commodities are often used in jewelry, but are rarely put to better use than by designer XaXe, who has created some of the best pearl jewelry in the world. Unlike major designers in other fields like Swarovski, XaXe’s designs have been discovered by individuals on social networks, showing the power of the web in today’s market.

XaXe sell pearl jewelry to wholesalers, retailers, individuals and businesses including the pearl earring, the pearl necklace, and the pearl bracelet. They use baroque misshaped pearls, red coral, green cultured pearls and a whole variety of different naturally found sea jewels to create breath taking original styles.

The online cataloge can be found on their website and every pinterest post links directly back there so that people who are a fan of the designs can make a purchase in minutes. The designs posted on Pinterest have attracted the attention of thousands of users, allowing XaXe to become a global brand without the need for global physical infrastructure.

A spokesperson for XaXe explained, “Posting our products to Pinterest allows them to be discovered by a whole new and worldwide audience that develops organically through the enthusiasm of those who genuinely love the product and become new media evangelists. Pearl jewelry is popular throughout the world and that’s why the world wide web has transformed our business- we have sold to customers across a huge range of countries, and delivered the highest quality products found anywhere in the world for prices that to most developed countries seem like bargains. We can do this because we let our advertising evolve out of passion, not expensive campaigns.”

About XaXe:
XaXe design and sell enchanting, high quality, natural Pearl Jewelry and Gemstones to retail outlets, to individual customers, to wholesalers and to traders world-wide. No other gemstone can enhance skin tone and accentuate femininity like pearl. All XaXe jewelry is designed and produced in house and distributed from their own stores in Beijing, giving buyers fantastic value worldwide.

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