Jewelry Design Software – Bejeweled Software Company Launches New Website

Bejeweled Software Company, Designer of The Leading Jewelry Inventory Software, Launches Completely Redesigned and Improved Website.

Jewelry makers everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief when they see the new, easy to navigate website for the powerful Jewelry Designer Manager software program and accessories. “Bejeweled Software Company has a proven history of helping designers and manufacturers of all sizes manage their jewelry business,” said Barbara Carleton, President of Bejeweled Software Company. The company recently celebrated their thirteen year anniversary.

Professional Organization and Cost Inventory Capability with the Jewelry Designer Manager

Jewelry Designer Manager is a total organizational platform that lets jewelry creators keep track of the cost of materials and inventory of parts and finished pieces. With this full-scale software program, designers can instantly develop a price point that is reasonable and yet profitable. The program keeps track of parts, vendors, customers, sales, sales tax and also prints dozens of reports and labels for tagging jewelry.

Jewelry makers using the Jewelry Designer Manager can add up the total cost of materials, add in labor and other costs, include a markup and get an instant suggested selling price so they know they are not over or undercharging their customers and most importantly – making a profit. Users have options of using the weighted average price of part purchases which is especially useful with materials such as precious metals where prices can fluctuate rapidly. They have the option to override the suggested prices for any jewelry piece giving them complete control over pricing and profit.

Keeping Track of Important Business Information

The Jewelry Designer Manager offers many financial report options including part and finished piece inventory, part purchase history, sales invoices and sales by customer or jewelry pieces. All reports are easy to create using a report menu with sorting and filtering options. Reports can be saved as PDF files to send to owners or business partners for instant access to all of the important information regarding their business at any time, from any device.

Jewelry Designer Manager even helps designers sell their jewelry with gorgeous Line Sheets and Price Lists which can also be saved as PDF files that can be sent to customers and opened on any computer, tablet or mobile device. The Nimbus Cloud Dome is an additional accessory that helps them take professional quality photos using a Smart Phone without ever worrying about lighting, shadows and glare.

The Deluxe version of Jewelry Designer Manager also tracks consignments, links to QuickBooks Pro, and integrates with the Dymo and Zebra label printers. The Zebra labels also include barcode printing for scanning. Designers can create professional jewelry tags for all of their jewelry pieces on barbell and rattail style labels. There are also Earring Cards that include their business logo or another image such as a signature jewelry piece or artist photo, contact information, piece name, item number and price.

Bejeweled Software Technical Support

The new website offers easy to find customer service to answer questions regarding the use and installation of the Jewelry Designer Manager and other accessories. Tech support can be reached through phone or email, 365 days a year. Customers who purchase the Bejeweled Software products from the website are eligible for free software updates and free tech support for one year following purchase, and additional coverage is also available.

Special Accessories for Professional Jewelry Designers

Additional products that further increase efficiency and improve sales for jewelry designers are available and easy to find on the newly designed website. Savvy designers can get the following items to create professional, stylish, brand recognition and displays:

  • Label printers

  • Barcode scanner

  • Nimbus Cloud Dome for perfect jewelry photographs

  • Earring Card punches

  • Dino-Lite Digital Microscope

These products are easy to use and affordable ways for designers to create a professional jewelry business. For more information on these products please visit or Call 858.367.8236.

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Phone: 858.367.8236
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