Jewelers are Shifting their Sales Methods to Capitalize on Online Shopping: Beverly Diamonds

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While traditional brick-and-mortar jewelry stores continue to sell, as usual, there is no stopping their online counterparts, who wield a technological cutting edge when it comes to offering new buying experiences.

With the forces of technology overtaking most conventional industries, it is but natural to ask: whatever happened to the old-time charm of buying a diamond ring? Diamond jewelry stores have adopted e-commerce, and stores such as Beverly Diamonds now operated solely online, thanks to new and richer purchase experiences they can offer online buyers.

Every physical jewelry store today has set up some online presence. For the new generation, engagement diamond rings and jewelry are mean to be sported for looking cool, fun and part of the trend. However, as Beverly Diamonds says, there are many things that both online stores and buyers must keep in mind if this mode is to continue growing in the next decade.

It can be complicated, as diamonds and their settings require a lot of consideration before purchase. There is always the essential touch-and-feel element that buyers want before making a purchase decision. Online jewelry stores are thus offering 3D interactive videos to produce the same effect. A new jewelry buying website such as Beverly Diamonds is not merely a website, but a complete virtual store where buyers can search, browse, compare, set criteria and then check and place their order.

It’s difficult to buy diamond jewelry without some expert assistance. That’s where automated, and real assistants come into the picture, and buyers can chat and consult them for the best diamond buying decision. Client testimonials, secure online transactions, certifications and trust badges give a virtual jewelry store the reliability it needs before buyers decide.

Technology is now available in plenty for diamond jewelry buyers to get both the best experience and the best deal. They can custom build their ring or pendant with the help of software and get it manufactured. The store apps for smartphones offer even more convenient ways to explore and place orders. And finally, 3D printing comes in handy to create a replica or sample before finalizing a design.

Social media too is giving a boost to online jewelry sales with steep discounts. E-commerce players have traditionally enjoyed the price advantage over physical stores, with the flexibility to manage their stocks and logistics according to orders received. Digital software such as CAM also makes it possible to display a large assortment of designs, and to engage in actual manufacture only when an order is placed.


“As an exclusive online store with one of the largest collections of diamond jewelry, Beverly Diamonds has maintained focus on offering some of the finest designs at unbeatable prices. For online customers, we have an easy finance scheme, a 3D video gallery to view products, interactive browsing of the stock, and a secure online transaction platform. Our real-time assistants are also available immediately as the customers visit the site,” said a manager representative from Beverly Diamonds.

New trends in online jewelry are reflected in the way customers today buy diamond jewelry online. As per surveys, the majority of them carry out online research before making a final decision, and many also rely on social media. Online stores such as Beverly Diamonds, therefore aim to provide a complete store experience with the added advantages of buying diamonds online.

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