Jetsip Launches Hosted PBX With Video Conferencing

Melbourne-based telecommunications company launches a new platform in Australia that offers hosted business phone systems with built-in video conferencing.

With the ongoing lockdowns and COVID restrictions still in place across parts of Australia, video meetings and working from home are becoming the norm. Consequently, there's a high demand for business technologies that companies can use to be more productive at home. Jetsip is one of the top IT and telecommunications businesses in Australia, and it has recently launched a brand new platform that will transform remote business communication systems.

The new platform will feature a hosted business phone system, complete with video conferencing. It will allow companies to work from home while still retaining a professional presence and staying in touch with employees and clients.

A hosted business phone system
Companies need to have a phone system that allows clients and employees to phone in whenever they need something. When working from home, it's difficult to set up a system that lets people phone the business but still get through to the right person. With Jetsip's new platform, companies can access a business phone system from anywhere.

The system is set up to provide a company phone number, which can be connected to various devices. It means a client can phone the business, with the call getting diverted to an employee's mobile phone or laptop. This leads to greater business phone management, as well as allowing everyone to work remotely without worrying about missing calls when out of the office.

Built-in video conferencing
The demand for video conferencing software has increased dramatically since the early stages of 2020. Now, companies across Australia need reliable software to hold video calls and meetings. This new platform will include built-in video conferencing that's easy to use and reliable.

The software will let businesses host video calls or meetings with numerous recipients, delivering smooth video and excellent sound quality. By building this into the business phone system platform, it makes life much more convenient for companies. Instead of needing two separate software for the business phone and video conferencing, it can all be done via one place.

The new platform is set to launch later in 2021, and it will cater to the ongoing needs of the Australian business community. With remote working becoming more and more popular, the demand for a platform such as this will only continue to rise.

About Jetsip
Jetsip is an IT/telecommunications company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The brand is based in Melbourne, delivering a range of services for companies of all sizes. Primarily, the company delivers a state-of-the-art phone system for businesses, offering a 99.99% uptime guarantee from its data centre in Port Melbourne. As the business continues to grow, it hopes to deliver new services and platforms that cater to the needs of the community.

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