Jesus Muzik: Spreading the Gospel of Christ Through Hip Hop

When most think of gospel music, hip hop is usually the farthest thing from their mind. T.R.E.A.L (Truly Reaching Every Acceptable Level) is changing that perception by making it "hip" to hop for Christ.

Gospel music itself has a few distinguishing factors that allow the genre to stand alone. No genre is more likely to bring it's listeners to tears, lift up a bowed down head or bring about a joy in some of the most despairing moments of life.

Hip Hop music has captivated our youth as the genre is projected by most of its media outlets as the current trend of "what's happening" or "cool" and current. Although many overlooked or highlighted artist convey a positive or peaceful message; Hip Hop's critics view the genre as music without meaning and destructive to our society as the images of artists pride sex, money, and drugs as the value to have and standard of living a good life.

T.R.E.A.L. was founded in Nashville, Tn by Reginald "Baldhead" Williams and Larry "Polo" Rayford. Although now ordained ministers of the Gospel, T.R.E.A.L. represented and lived the negative values mentioned above and were a part the destructive problem not the solution. Now God's love flows through their lyrics, presenting positive outlooks for many youth whom are accustomed to facing adversity in environments where the value of life is low and hope has been lost.

Building the bridge between Gospel and Hip Hop music also closes a gap in praise between the young and older believers. This is a current topic and challenge churches abroad face or experience, a message in music that is received by the young and old. Recent remedies have been to departmentalize ministries to satisfy both parties individually; not collectively.

The Jesus Muzik Project is the sophomore album following the freshman project G.R.A.C.E. (God's Riches At Christ Expense) The album titled track Jesus Muzik features Joel Anchrum and Righteous of 1 God Productions. The album is set to release March 4th, 2014 on Reverbnation, Itunes, Amazon, Google Play and like outlets. The video will debut the same day on their website and YouTube the same day.

Contact Info:
Name: Reginald Williams
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Organization: T.R.E.A.L. Muzik Group
Phone: 615-669-3539

Release ID: 34007