Jeremy Shorter Teaches How to Survive Amidst Darkness in these time “Your Guide To A Sound Mind”

Bestselling author, Jeremy Shorter, launches a new book titled “Your Guide To A Sound Mind,” where he seeks to inspire readers to lead a happy life trusting in The Most High God amidst the challenges of life.

Jeremy Shorter is again looking to lift spirits and help as many people as possible to find peace by trusting God through his Word in a new book titled “Your Guide To A Sound Mind - Keeping Faith In The Midst Of Darkness.”

Recent developments across the globe have challenged the sanity of millions of people as they try to cope with a series of events that have literally thrown them off balance. History has shown that such occurrences happen and as they say, “this too shall pass.” However, it is often easier said than done, especially when life’s challenges seem overwhelming. Thankfully, there is always one Supreme Being that administers the affairs of the world and who can easily turn things around for the better in the twinkle of an eye. Unfortunately, tons of people in different parts of the world have failed to realize the importance of trusting the Most High God, which is where Jeremy Shorter is looking to address in “Your Guide To A Sound Mind.”

The book serves as a self-help guide to intimate readers about the spirit inherent in every individual to speak goodness into their lives. In the book, Jeremy talks about the spirit of power, and love, and of a sound mind, bringing scriptural verses to substantiate his claim.

The timeliness of “Your Guide To A Sound Mind - Keeping Faith In The Midst Of Darkness” cannot be better, considering the troubles that have come with 2020 as the book reassures readers of light at the end of every tunnel. The book is particularly unique as Jeremy details his points in terms that can be easily understood by all categories of readers, irrespective of fate.
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ISBN for Paperback: 978-0-578-80301-2
ISBN for Hardback: 978-0-578-80581-8
ISBN for eBook: 978-0-578-80302-9

About Jeremy Shorter

Jeremy Shorter is a bestselling author, researcher, globetrotter, and student of the word of the Most High God. He published his first book as a professional author in 2014, with the book titled “The Hidden Treasure That Lies in Plain Sight” receiving accolades from a global audience. He is known for his love for teaching people who they really are to help them shine bright and live their potentials.


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