Jeffrey Marcellus Announces New Alternative Online Treatment Service For Women Who Suffer Chronic Pain

Women can now get help with whatever pain or ailment they suffer from by downloading an app. Pain suffering does not have to wait to be life threatening in order to get treated.

Registered Nurse Practitioner, Jeffrey Marcellus, pain management expert in New York City talks about a little known online treatment service now available for women that suffer from all forms of chronic pain, yet either have no insurance coverage or are simply too busy with their current schedule to go in and get treatment from their primary care provider.

“Women suffering from chronic pain, addiction, depression or other general maladies don’t typically make it  a priority to go in and get help until the problem has become debilitating or somehow, life-threatening,” exclaims Jeffrey.  “Since there are now online treatment alternatives, I hope I can contribute to the movement of making it easier for women  to not only seek treatment, but to make it a priority in their lives.  Maven Clinic has definitely made it easier and I’m happy to be part of what they’re doing.”

According to an article published about Dr. Oz, the reasons women don’t like their doctor is because they feel rushed through their visit, they don’t feel listed to by their doctor and there are so many unnecessary tests.

If the problems is not pressing enough, women would much rather skip the visit rather than waste time troubling others with their seemingly trivial problems.

W0men suffering any sort of general iise that want to find out more information about Jeffery or Maven Clinic can down their iphone app, which can be found  They can use code: PT7BH86R1I to get $5 off initial use of the service.

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