JB Mohler Masonry Announces Rumford Fireplace Accreditation

The Massachusetts contractor JB Mohler Masonry has been officially endorsed by Rumford, leaders in heating efficient wood burning fireplaces.

In a time of electric and gas combination heating systems, there is still a place for the traditional fire. Whether coal or wood or a gas simulation, many are still drawn to the naked flame as a source of not just heat, but comfort and contemplation in the home. For those who enjoy the smell and warmth of a wood burning fire, there can be no more efficient distribution than a Rumford fireplace, now available in the Massachusetts area from contractor JB Mohler Masonry, who has been endorsed by Rumford.com, the company promoting and protecting the Rumford legacy, as an authentic Rumford fireplace builder.

The Massachusetts masonry contractor has been specializing in custom brick and stone work for many years, turning his hands to a historic craft still highly prized today. Mr Mohler took his business online two years ago, where he discovered his skills were more sought after than ever, and has since continued to develop his expertise, as witnessed by the recent inclusion of Rumford fireplaces.

The fireplace is specially designed to transfer and radiate heat evenly outward into a room. Many fireplaces lose much of their heat into the chimney or absorb it into the materials they are made from, where a Rumford fireplace is specialized to provide optimal heat distribution.

A spokesperson for JB Mohler explained, “Anyone needing a Massachusetts Rumford fireplace should get in contact with JB. He’s a great guy and a leading expert in what he does, but humble enough that he doesn’t charge through the roof for his craftsmanship. The Rumford fireplace offers numerous benefits over other alternatives, including better heat distribution, cleaner burning with less smoke and emissions –which themselves are filtered better by the tall chamber. Above all, it’s an aesthetically beautiful setting for an authentic wood fire. For those considering a wood fire, JB Mohler also provides chimney repairs on top of just about all major stone and brickwork services.”

About JB Mohler Masonry: JB Mohler Masonry is a local masonry contractor operating out of Clinton Massachusetts specializing in custom brick and stone work. Their passion is authentic New England style facades, and traditional wood burning fireplaces. Two years ago they launched their website which has been received well by the community and was recently updated to bring to the public’s attention their Rumford Fireplace service.

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