Jay Eitner Discusses Edcamp Leadership Summit in New Jersey

Over the course of the conference participants are engaged as equals and are directly responsible for shaping the schedule and content of the event’s workshops.

Founder of Eitner Education, Jay Eitner was happy to attend the Edcamp Foundation’s Leadership Summit held in Parsippany, New Jersey which took place March 10-12th, 2017. The event was part of a series of more than 700 conferences across 25 countries that have been produced as part of the organizer’s mandate to advance self-directed learning among educators, with operational and lead funding coming from sponsors such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The NewSchools Seed Fund. Participants including superintendents, administrators, teachers, and coaches were invited to share best practices, to collaborate in addressing common issues, and to focus on professional development.

With close to 4 million elementary and secondary school teachers instructing 50 million students in the United States, the American public education system is undoubtedly complex and suffers from shortcomings—as assistant professor of education Jack Schneider observes in a piece published by the Atlantic. In cross-national assessments such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), the United States regularly ranks around the median of a group of 71 countries, reflecting much room for improvement. It is within this pedagogic framework that Jay Eitner attends multiple national conferences such as Edcamp’s in an effort to adapt and disseminate innovative strategies for educators in US schools.

Over the course of the Leadership Summit, which is offered at no cost, participants are engaged as equals and are directly responsible for shaping the schedule and content of the event’s workshops. National School Board Educational Technology Leader and Edcamp attendee Adam Schoenberg reflects that a “common thread throughout was the need for empathy throughout our schools” achieved by teachers adopting an understanding that learning can be an uncomfortable experience.

Similarly, Eitner Education offers balanced professional development curriculum and dialogue opportunities for educators and administrative staff who are seeking new methodologies to strengthen the school system. Founded in 2012, this forward-thinking initiative is fueled by owner-operator Jay Eitner’s regular participation in regional and national educator conferences such as the annual AASA (American Association of School Administrators) and NJASA Spring seminar (New Jersey Association of School Administrators). In recognition of the importance of technology in the classroom, the material offered by Eitner Education is often inclusive of cutting-edge application tutorials and suggested tech resources.

Jay Eitner holds a BA in interdisciplinary studies from the American University in Washington, DC and an MA in curriculum and instruction from Kean University in New Jersey. With multiple board certifications and professional experience as a teacher, supervisor and superintendent across two districts, he is well-versed in public education delivery and administration and has been recognized as 2015 national BAMMY Superintendent of the Year as well as the 2016 AASA National Educator to Watch. Notable achievements have included the sourcing and application of over $4,000,000 in grants for technology enhancement in the Lower Alloways Creek School District and oversight of a major $80,000,000 school construction project for the Waterford Township School District. Jay Eitner regularly shares invaluable insights on Twitter, Facebook and his personal blog.

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