Jason Rosete Film Releases Zombies Vs Mayo Comedy Horror Short Free To View On YouTube

Jason Rosete Film has established a reputation for comical takes on horror tropes, and has now created a new short film, Zombies Vs Mayo, to create a full original narrative tale.

Online video has revolutionized the way in which young filmmakers both create and promote their work, and it allows video professionals a level of creative expression that was not previously possible. This does however mean that filmmakers are now competing against more content than ever before, so one has to be bold to stand out. Jason Rosete Film has established a strong following by creating loving spoofs of horror conventions, and has just released their most ambitious short to date, Zombies vs Mayo.

Previously behind such hits as Scary Movie The Ring & Insidious Chapter 3 Girl Parody Spoof, they have established a strong following of subscribers thanks to sharing their behind the scenes processes in videos like Scary Movie The Ring Parody Funny Moments, which details the fun improvisational journeys they take to arrive at the finished products.

In Zombies Vs Mayo, Jason Rosete and his team have created their most ambitious film to date, with a 26 minute runtime seeing the film act more as a pilot episode of a potential series, establishing characters and conflicts based on tropes from the horror and stoner comedy genres, showing influences from filmmakers like Edgar Wright and series like One Upon a Time while maintaining a unique identity.

A spokesperson for Jason Rosete Film explained, “Jason Rosete Film is thrilled to be able to launch Zombies Vs Mayo. It tells the story of roommates Alex and Terrance, and pizza delivery guy Jeffrey as they find themselves unwittingly caught up in a zombie infestation, which has something to do with the neighbors’ terrifying daughter. The movie blends horror and comedy to perfectly gauge rising tension and relief, giving people one of the best movie going experiences they can have without going to the movies.”

About Jason Rosete Film: Jason Rosete Film create online videos to entertain millions of pop culture fans, including Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies (Fan Film), Zombies vs Mayo, and other awesome scary movies, ghost stories, horror comedies, and video game related videos. Their site has a comprehensive catalogue of the films created, freely available to view.

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