Japkin.com Makes It Easy to Share Funny Jimmy Kimmel’s Christmas Challenge Photos & Videos

With Japkin.com, it’s easy to shoot and share treasured videos and photos in just seconds. Now there is a better way to share hilarious Jimmy Kimmel’s Christmas Challenge videos with grandma and grandpa.

Japkin.com has given the family Christmas photo album a serious upgrade. The new, easy-to-use messaging and file-sharing service allows anyone to share videos, pictures, and other files with family and friends. That makes it the perfect online platform for participating in Jimmy Kimmel’s Christmas Challenge.

Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to trick their kids by giving them an early Christmas present. The challenge is to wrap in a box something they know their kids won’t like. The fun begins when parents shoot a video of their kids opening the terrible gifts. Every reaction video is priceless.

The creators of Japkin realized that it was difficult for family and friends to join in the fun because there was no easy way to share large video files. Also, the videos are personal and don’t need to be shared with the entire world on YouTube.

By using Japkin, it’s easy for anyone to upload and share personal videos and photos with just a few clicks. Exceeding the file-size limitations of other services, Japkin’s messaging features include the ability to send and receive both video and audio messages up to 30 minutes long.

Japkin offers many more features than the power to share Jimmy Kimmel’s Christmas Challenge videos. It’s “Skype on Steroids” and “Dropbox Gone Wild.” That’s because this new social messaging and sharing platform combines the best of those services in one place.

Create a free Japkin page today to start instantly sharing video and voice messages with anyone in the world. Users get 2 GB of free space to use for sharing photos, large video files, documents, PDFs, and other files.

Friends, family, coworkers, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends can quickly access all of the shared messages and files from a web browser on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Visit Japkin.com to create a free Japkin page and start sharing and reliving life’s moments. Everyone can also see Japkin's video on Jimmy Kimmel's Christmas Prank here.

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