Japanese Knife Life Review Site Launched Fostering Surging Culinary Trend

Offering a broad range of information helps chefs of all skill levels get the most from their Japanese knives, publishes japaneseknifelife.com

Japanese cuisine is a rising favorite across the country, currently climbing up to fourth place on the list of Americans' top food picks. While waiting lists for restaurants offering authentic Japanese menus continue to grow, home-based chefs are taking matters into their own hands. From the creation of popular dishes to incorporation of the prep style into conventional meals, Japan's cooking culture is making its way into kitchens across the nation. With this in mind, spokesperson Jack LeBlanc has launched the Japanese Knife Life website.

LeBlanc elaborated, "Japanese knives are must-haves for professional chefs, but they're also becoming essential items for household kitchens. A number of the conventional knives on the market just won't cut it when it comes to certain foods. Though cutting utensils from around the world bring their own benefits to the table, some of the best Japanese knives are specifically designed for stability and precision. Of course, it helps to know which knives are meant for which tasks and which offer the best quality for their prices. We're here to help foster the growing trend by providing information on these types of knives in general as well as comparison of the brands our readers are bound to run across during their searches."

Santoku knives are among the most sought-after options available due to their versatility and handling attributes. These models are traditionally designed for optimum balance and control. Typically used for mincing, slicing, dicing and scooping, versions of this type of knife range in price from around $20.00 well into the hundreds-of-dollars category. According to Japanese Knife Life's Santoku knife review and comparison, marketed variations often stray from the authentic design; therefore, some are more suitable for novices or occasional use.

Sashimi knives offer the sharpness and precision needed for sushi preparation. Unlike many other cutting tools, these are honed on only one side to deliver thin, smooth and glossy slices of raw fish meeting the high standards set forth for this dish. The Japanese Knife Life website (http://www.japaneseknifelife.com/) notes those new to this style of food preparation should begin with an easier-to-handle model before graduating to professional-grade versions.

Concluded LeBlanc, "We provide reviews of the various brands of Japanese knives available and enlighten readers on which are best suited to their goals, budgets and skill levels. These cutting tools offer benefits you simply can't find with most of the ordinary models on the market, but in order to get the most out of them, it's important to know just what they're for and which characteristics to look for before making a purchase. Our purpose is to help fill in those blanks."

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Japanese Knife Life is a review and comparison website for Japanese knives and accessories geared toward professional chefs and novices alike.

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