James Weeks, Author of Meditations Across The King's River Book Inspires Strategies For Spiritual, Emotional, and Financial Wellness

James Weeks's insightful writing has touched more than 125,000 spiritual seekers worldwide.

James Week’s book, Meditations Across The King’s River: African Inspired Wisdom for Life's Journey, is a rich collection of essays and affirmations inspired by the ancient spiritual tradition known as Ifa, which originated with the Yoruba people of Southwest Nigeria. The book offers spiritual, emotional, and financial wellness strategies to help readers find balance and abundance in life.

“African-Americans are increasingly embracing the spiritual traditions of Africa in a search for healing, identity, and transformation. It is a globally significant philosophy and healing tradition that has been rapidly growing throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America for decades,” says Weeks, who is a Babalawo, or priest of Ifa. The vision for this soul-engaging book began during a visit to the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe in 2016, where Weeks met Omitola, one of the main characters in Meditations Across The King’s River.

Reverence for nature and ancestors are core pillars of Ifa. Divination, a powerful tool in the African spiritual arsenal, provides guidance to help people improve their lives. Meditations Across The Kings River offers tips for connecting with ancestors and navigating through emotional and financial challenges without losing faith or hope. Weeks, the grandson of a chef, also pays tribute to African and Caribbean cuisine and includes a fascinating but little-known gem of black history – the African contribution to digital technology.

James’ journey into Ifa began after his then-teenage son, Malcolm, was caught up in the thug culture of deep east Oakland in 2002. He traveled to Nigeria in 2003 with two objectives in mind: First, to undergo spiritual initiation as a healer. Then, to get help for his son, who was healed by powerful elders in the sacred city of Ile Ife.

“For me, a spiritual path is a life-long quest of discovering who we are and how we can best serve humanity. I’ve been called to catalyze spiritual, emotional, and financial transformation,” says Weeks, who is now a self-employed spiritual and financial coach. At the same time, Malcolm is a successful contractor and a dedicated father of four.

Over the years, Weeks has developed an international following of fans energized by his daily spiritual teachings on social media. “With this book and with his social posts, James provides seekers with salve for their bruised humanity. With the skill of a true shaman, James blends the ancient with the current, the archetypal with the postmodern,” says writer Monique Clendinen in the foreword to Meditations Across The King’s River. Here, readers will find hope, encouragement, and wisdom to sustain them on their soul’s journey.

James uses the wisdom acquired over the past 20 years to create a documentary film about African spirituality and healing traditions called Across The King's River. Atlanta-based emergency room doctor Charles Finch, one of the experts quoted in Meditations Across The King’s River, says modern medicine can learn a lot from African healers. The World Health Organization says eighty percent of Africans still rely on traditional medicine and healers for their primary health care.

Meditations Across The King’s River also draws attention to the urgent need for financial literacy in the African Diaspora. Experts say the median wealth for African-Americans will fall to $0 by 2053 if current trends continue. Weeks is passionate about mentoring others in foreign exchange trading (forex) and cryptocurrency. -Take this quiz to discover what is required to build generational wealth.

To purchase Meditations Across The King’s River and to learn more about the upcoming film and how to support it, visit AcrossTheKingsRiver.com.

About the Author: James Weeks is an internationally known spiritual leader, author, and finance mentor who has spoken at Harvard University and has been a guest on numerous radio and internet shows, including KPFA’s Africa Today, KPOO’s Ibeji Lounge, WSTX’s Arise, Broken Wings Radio, and Ancestral Voices of the U.K. He is the author of Meditations Across The King's River: African-inspired Wisdom For Life's Journey and the producer of the upcoming documentary film, Across The King's River. He is also a Babalawo, or priest in the Ifa spiritual tradition of West Africa, and helps clients with emotional, spiritual, and financial wellness strategies. As a journalist, James has published in Parenting magazine, the S.F. Weekly, Reggae Beat, The Virgin Islands Daily News, and the St. Croix Avis. He currently lives in Oakland with his wife and youngest son.

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