Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express Recommends iJailbreak Pro as the Best iPhone Jailbreak Solution

Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express helps people find fast and efficient jailbreaking solutions for the iPhone 5 and have recently published their findings that iJailbreak is the best solution.

The iPhone 5 was the best selling iPhone of all time, and was the most powerful example in the range when released. The iPhone 5 improved in almost every way over the iPhone 4 besides one crucial and stubborn weakness- the phone still would not support apps from third party developers, or allow individuals freedom to use the power of the phone how they saw fit. For this, they still required jailbreaking services. Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express was launched to provide high quality consumer advice, and recently named iJailbreak as their top performing jailbreak solution.

The website (http://www.jailbreakiphone5express.com/) features a plethora of reviews for different iPhone 5 jailbreaking software, and has concluded by rating each individual provider that iJailbreak is the single best service by overall rating. Every review is conducted the same way to ensure effective cross comparison, rating the cost, efficiency, speed, user experience and unique selling points of each service.

In addition, the site has no shortage of tips and tricks for making the most of a newly unleashed iPhone 5, from information on where to find the best apps to recommending the most novel reinventions of the iPhone by existing jailbreakers.

A spokesperson for JailbreakiPhone5Express.com explained, “Narrowly beating out Apple Unlocker, iJailbreak Pro promises not only to jailbreak the iPhone but unlock it as well, increasing its resale value exponentially as it can then be used on any network. The product comes with a 30 day guarantee, and can be operated on the iPhone 5, 5c or 5s. What really marks them out however their fantastic customer service team and how comfortable they make users with the process from start to finish. More reliable and convenient than any online guide, they can have a phone ready to go in just five minutes.”

About Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express:
Mike Tutor is an Apple fanatic and expert who has been writing about jailbreaking iPhones for several years. He loves to help Apple users make the most of their devices. Jailbreak iPhone 5 Express is the web presence he uses to help iPhone 5 users locate the most effective jailbreak apps and make the most of a jailbroken phone.

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