Jag Reeves Extends Massage And Healing Services In Finchley, North London

Finchley based Jag Reeves an expert in massage therapy brings new techniques from around the world to offer the very best in relaxation and recuperation.

Massage has been practiced since the earliest civilizations and has long been tied into traditional medicine, shamanic ritual and even spiritual practice. The fascinating thing about massage is that the techniques, like martial arts, vary widely across cultures and countries, and each has something unique to offer. Unfortunately, so often in the UK massage is a practical undertaking open only to athletes who require it to perform at their peak level. Jag Reeves however has made it his life mission to explore and understand each form of massage and what it has to offer, to better serve his clientele in Finchley, North London, so that all may operate at their physical, and psychological peak. They have recently added some new services that include massage techniques from around the globe.

Jag Reeves Massage offers sports massage and deep tissue massage, designed to break up lactic acid and help strained and tightened muscles relax and realign. But this is just the beginning, as Jag has developed this scientific approach in tandem with traditional and spiritual alternatives.

Equally, he offers traditional Thai massage that integrates dynamic yoga to expand the limits of the body in motion; Shiatsu, which aims to work on both physical and energetic plains; Tui Na, Chinese medicinal massage, and Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian practice of receiving pure, naïve pleasure.

Discussing his practice, Jag Reeves explained, “I not only practice the massage arts of these cultures but their healing rituals and shamanic practices. I believe that the body, mind and soul are intrinsically linked and that one cannot effectively heal any one part without addressing the others. To that end, I host regularly spiritual gatherings, offer life coaching, reiki, and emerald heart healing, which aims to dissolve subconscious wounds and strengthen resolve to change and evolve. With a full spectrum of services from the purely practical to the existential, I am able to best serve any and all massage needs in North London.”

About Jag Reeves:
Jag Reeves is Finchley's leading healing and massage expert. Reeves aims to bring to each client a reduction in muscular tension, injury, pain, and stiffness and replace these maladies with feelings of balance, harmony, and grace, leaving the client relaxed and pain-free. To discuss what massage healing in North London can do call Jag Reeves on 07958 561 467 to schedule the first appointment today.

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