Jadesan Capital Investments Official Launch in Asia-Pacific 2020

Jadesan Capital Investments held a celebration at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, to commemorate their official launch in the Asia-Pacific

On the 5th of January 2020, Jadesan Capital Investments held a celebration at the Grand Hilton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, to commemorate their official launch in the Asia-Pacific.

Jadesan Capital Investments, a leading financial services firm that specializes in fund management activities in Europe and the United States, has officially expanded their services into the Asia-Pacific region, beginning with the largest financial market in the world; Forex.

Jadesan Capital Investments’ expansion into the Asia-Pacific following a hugely successful 2017 and 2018 in western markets, comes as no surprise as many industry observers believe it is a natural progression for the financial company.

Asia is home to 4 of the top 8 financial centers in the world; located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo (the other 4 global financial centers being New York, London, Zurich and Toronto). Asia also consists of the largest number of Forex traders in the world with 3.2 million active traders daily.

However, despite these impressive statistics, there are still a number of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region that have are lacking in modern technology, such as fast internet access, sophisticated computers and mobile banking. These communities are expected to be the source of huge growth in the global Forex industry in the coming years.

The huge event was attended by approximately 1000 members from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore, and included government officials, financial dignitaries, investors and shareholders. The exclusive event was graced by VIPs and keynote speakers, CEO Mr. Adam Slipstone, and Asia Pacific Chief Forex Consultant, Dato Jimmy Wong.

Jadesan Capital Investments has engaged the services of well-known Forex expert Dato Jimmy Wong, CEO and Co-founder of JF Lennon, a firm specializing in Forex activities in Asia, as an external Forex consultant to aid in their expansion into the Asia-Pacific region.

CEO, Mr. Slipstone spoke about the 2020 Asia-Pacific roadmap for the firm, “We will continue to establish Forex Institutions around Asia that will better educate individual and institutional clients. We also aim to create increased awareness in all our Asian markets through effective marketing campaigns.”

He continued, “This year, JCI will focus on customer satisfaction for all our current members, with more efficient b2c processes, heartfelt customer loyalty programs and enhanced payment gateways.”

The one-day exclusive private event included key note speeches, performances, lucky draws, award presentations, and ended with a 5-course grand dinner.

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