Jacob Grey Custom 1911 .45 Caliber Establishes a New Benchmark for Handguns

Master gunsmiths at Jacob Grey Custom, adopt an innovative manufacturing process for producing the most accurate 1911 on the market, setting new standards of craftsmanship, quality, and precision in performance of handguns.

In an informal interaction with the media, General Manager of Jacob Grey Custom Mr. Dusty Brackett said, “We take genuine pride in introducing a line of custom built .45 caliber 1911 handguns, each piece hand built, one gun at a time on order, specifically for its owner. Be assured Jacob Grey Custom 1911s are never produced en mass.”

Elaborating on the process evolved exclusively to make this weapon, Mr. Brackett confided, “Each 1911 is made of 100% American virgin billet steel, match-cut on a 5-axis CNC machine. Utmost care is taken to match the Grain direction of the metal of every part for ensuring the precision and consistency of a Jacob Grey Custom 1911. We never use forgings or cast iron materials. It is an avid practice at Jacob Grey Custom to hand-fit each 1911 and get it tested by master gunsmiths. Thereafter, the gun is protected with the finest firearms coatings available.”

Brackett also claimed that the parts are machined to the highest tolerance as thermal expansion will allow, and are quality-checked using CMM technology throughout the process. He clarified that USA-made stainless billet steel, used for shaping out the gun parts, has the highest malleability and tenacity whereas a cast iron piece is bound to develop warps and voids during the forging process. This innovative manufacturing process ensures a lasting product. Moreover, Jacob Grey Custom 1911s carry a limited lifetime warranty.

With visible pride, the GM claimed, “The Jacob Grey Custom 1911 is guaranteed to outperform any competitive 1911. With about a half of a thousandth of slop against five thousandths of slop of any leading competitor, the Jacob Grey Custom 1911 has been tested to give a one and a half inch grouping from 50 yards versus a two to three inch grouping from the same distance by a gun of the same caliber by leading competitors.”

Currently, Jacob Grey Custom is offering three base models, The Liberty, The Justice, and The Revolution, all three customized to the owner’s specifications and intended use. This made-to-order gun becomes the expression of the possessor’s individuality. Holding the Jacob Grey Custom firearm for the first time, one will get the feel of the American pride. A Jacob Grey Custom 1911 is a gun one can be proud to own, and it is a gun fit to be passed on to future generations as a legacy.

Contact Info:
Name: Dusty Brackett
Email: dusty@jacob-grey.com
Phone: (800) 804-1380
Organization: Jacob Grey Custom Handguns

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