J.R. Mats Products Earn New Praise from Top Golf Teachers Mike Bender, Steve Dresser

In new reviews at company's website, two top teaching professionals detail the advantages of Country Club Elite practice mats and more, J.R. Mats reports

J.R. Mats Inc. announced that the company's industry-leading products recently received highly favorable, in-depth reviews from two of golf's top teaching professionals. In a new video feature hosted in the Golf Mat Reviews section at www.realfeelgolfmats.com , renowned teacher Mike Bender delves into the many advantages of the company's natural-feeling Country Club Elite® Golf Mats, a product introduced in 2005 that has gone on to transform the industry. In another new review there, Steve Dresser, a teaching professional counted by Gold Magazine among the top 25 in the country, has further praise for J.R. Mats' products, noting that they see intensive, daily use at his world-famous golf academy.

"Ever since we introduced our Country Club Elite mats a decade ago," J.R. Mats founder Jay R. McGrath observed, "Knowledge about what J.R. Mats has to offer has been spreading through the sport. We're happy to announce that both Mike Bender and Steve Dresser have added to this consensus, pointing out the value in our products in some recent reviews that we just published at our website."

A typical, 18-hole round of golf might take four or more hours, over the course of which the average golfer would swing the club around 100 times. On the practice range, on the other hand, a golfer can take that many strokes in half an hour or less, making this a far more productive way of working on the swing.

While both indoor and outdoor ranges have traditionally been attractive for this reason, they were also typically unsatisfying in some important ways. Prime among these was that practicing at them generally meant striking the ball from crude, unyielding mats made from artificial grass, a material that barely resembles the real thing.

Pointedly aware of this problem, J.R. Mats founder McGrath introduced the Country Club Elite golf mat in 2005, aiming to transform the way that golfers refine their skills. With an exclusive, proprietary construction that closely resembles natural turf, the mats allow golfers to practice their swings in much more natural ways. Unlike common golf mats, the Country Club Elite allows for the steeply descending swings that are important for strong short-iron play, for example. The mats also accept the kinds of tees that golfers regularly use when driving, instead of forcing them to settle for unrealistic, fixed-height rubber columns as other mats do.

Since the launch of the Country Club Elite model, J.R. Mats has continued to introduce innovative, uncompromising products that afford golfers much more natural and rewarding practice experiences. The company's new Tuff-Shot Trainer™, for example, combines the satisfying feel of the Country Club Elite with a fully adjustable, inclining platform that allows golfers to practice shots from difficult side-hill, uphill, and downhill lies.

Leading teaching professionals Mike Bender and Steve Dresser highlight these advantages and more in special new reviews at the J.R. Mats website. In addition to providing invaluable service at their golf academies, J.R. Mats products are also used at many other top golf schools, including the Brian Manzella Golf Academy, the David Toms Academy, and the Shawn Clement school.

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