IVF-Abroad.org Updates Best-in-Class International Fertility Clinic Matching System

Improved system helps visitors find even more-satisfying sources for safe, low-cost fertility services in countries like Greece, India, Thailand and Mexico, IVF-Abroad.org reports

IVF-Abroad.org, a leading online destination for those researching international fertility services, launched an upgraded, improved, online quote system. The new system searches through even more fertility clinics than before, quickly and more precisely finding those that best suit the particular needs of visitors. IVF-Abroad.org's fertility clinic matching services help users save as much as 70% compared to the services available in their home countries, also potentially providing access to services that might otherwise be unavailable.

"We're happy to say that a new, updated version of our popular fertility-clinic matching service is now online and available," IVF-Abroad.org representative Andrew Hodgkinson announced, "Improving significantly on the previous one, this new system will help our visitors find even more satisfying options for their fertility service needs."

Among couples who have difficulty conceiving or are completely unable to do so without assistance, cost is a frequent, substantial barrier to getting help. The average course of fertility services in the United States now costs around $17,000, and these procedures are often not covered by health insurers at all.

One increasingly popular option among those in this situation is to seek help in countries where medical costs are much lower. A growing range of countries offer safe, first-world-style fertility services at prices that are a fraction of those typically paid elsewhere, delivering all of the benefits of the procedures at a much lesser cost.

Since the site's founding, ivf-abroad.org has been a leading resource for couples investigating this option online. In addition to a wide selection of articles that delve into the issues related to seeking fertility services abroad, the site also hosts a powerful, highly useful clinic matching system that allows users to focus in on specific, rigorously vetted overseas clinics.

With that engine having just been updated, visitors to IVF-Abroad.org can expect even more satisfying results from the independent service than in the past. The new iteration of the system allows for more highly refined searches, using the answers visitors give to some simple questions to sort through a large database of safe, thoroughly capable clinics around the world.

Those interested in the full range of international fertility clinics that IVF-Abroad.org provides access to can start at http://ivf-abroad.org/popular-locations-ivf-abroad/, where a quick, convenient questionnaire will produce results from selected countries, such as Mexico, India, or Greece. Visitors may also access sub-pages that narrow the results to particular host countries, like the one at http://ivf-abroad.org/ivf-thailand/ that focuses on Thailand. Either way, users of the new, upgraded fertility clinic quote system can be assured of being informed of the best options worldwide for their particular needs.

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