IVA Hero Provides Debt Relief Services For Those In Over Their Head

IVA Hero warns that debt leads to stress, anxiety and more which Is why many turn to IVA Hero for help.

According to the United Kingdom government, the total number of insolvencies registered in 1990 was 1,928. By 2011, the latest year these statistics are available for, 49,039 insolvencies were registered. Over the years, an average of 30 percent of these cases failed to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion. "Consumers wishing to file for insolvency need to find a company dedicated to helping them reach a successful conclusion to their case, one such as IVA Hero," Simon Peters, media contact for the company, declares.

When overwhelmed by debt, consumers often believe they have limited options. The two options commonly selected by debtors include hiding from creditors and juggling bills to try to make payments on a semi-regular basis. "Hiding from creditors continues to be a bad idea as they will persist in attempting to collect their money. Juggling bills isn't a smart option either as one missed bill can lead to late payment fees, over the limit fees on credit cards and more, increasing debt. Consumers in this situation need to seek outside assistance and IVA Hero stands by, ready and willing to assist," Mr. Peters continues.

For those in Scotland, a Deed of Trust or Protected Trust Deed works as an Individual Insolvency Arrangement does in other countries. Consumers restructure unsecured debts rather than filing for sequestration or bankruptcy. Setting up a Deed of Trust involves creating an agreement for a specified period of time, an agreement under which debts will be paid down or off. Creditors write off any debts remaining at the end of the agreement, allowing the debtor to start with a new financial future. "Consumers who feel they have no other way to get out of debt than to file for sequestration appreciate having this option available to them as it gives them a way of paying a portion of their debt without being harassed by creditors. To learn more about how this process works, visit http://www.ivahero.co.uk/ivas/iva-in-scotland-or-scottish-trust-deed.html," Mr. Peters states.

Debt relief options vary greatly by location and other factors. Consumers need to ensure they understand the process they must follow for the region in which they live. "Many choose to turn to IVA Hero for assistance in creating an insolvency plan and do so with great success. Any consumer in need of debt relief must explore all options to find the one that is right for his or her financial situation. IVA Hero becomes of great assistance in comparing the options as the goal is to help every client find a plan that works for him or her," Mr. Peters exclaims.

About IVA Hero:
IVA Hero assists customers in their endeavour to become debt free. Experts employed by IVA Hero help clients by negotiating with creditors, handling paperwork and offering assistance with financial matters, including, but not limited to, budgeting. Personalized service sets this company apart from its competitors as staff members refuse to accept anything less than success when it comes to a client's IVA. A staff member sits down with each client to calculate an IVA payment which the client can afford before contacting creditors to come to an agreeable arrangement so the client can become debt-free and stay that way.

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