'It's a Scone! It's a Muffin!' 'Scuffins' Declared Best New Pastry By NY Times

Combining the tastiness of a muffin and the goodness of a scone, the 'scuffin' from Frog Hollow Farm was declared by the New York Times to be the most promising new combination food item.

Frog Hollow Farm has been getting a lot of national attention this month for their scuffins, a clever hybrid of scone and muffin. Made with scone batter, filled with conserves, and baked in a muffin tin, scuffins combine the drier, less sugary scone batter with the sweetness of jam made from Frog Hollow Farm’s organically grown fruit.

According to Frog Hollow Farm’s Chef Becky Courchesne, “Our conserves work beautifully in the scuffins; the chunks of fruit in the conserves keep the dough from becoming soggy and are a congenial partner in flavor and texture with the scuffin dough.”

Frog Hollow Farm’s scuffin is so successful that it is getting national recognition from the New York Times. The scuffins recently were featured in an article called "A Real Treat or Half Baked" where they were declared "most promising." When the New York Times food editors asked the readers to choose the winner of “the race to invent the next celebrity Frankenpastry,” the simple scuffin was the victor as announced in the April 2, 2014, New York edition.

And bakers around the country are taste-testing this new rage in pastries thanks to the recipe, adapted from Frog Hollow Farm’s, published in a New York Times feature titled "Fruit Filled Scuffins."

Scuffins sit at the healthier end of the pastry continuum. Made from whole grain flour, flax seed, and organic fruit, either peach or nectarine, they are lower in sugar than other treats like cookies or muffins, making them the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee.

The scuffins themselves were an invention of necessity; to use perfectly good fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Thousands of pounds of delicious ripe organic fruits are made into high quality organic jams and conserves that are sold on the Frog Hollow Farm website and also used to make their scuffins. According to Farmer Al Courchesne, “only 2% of fruit is cosmetically perfect, and when it has great flavor, we ship it from tree to table in 48 hours to Frog Hollow Farm’s mail order customers. Fruit with minor blemishes makes up the bulk of any harvest and much of it goes to area Farmer’s Markets or is used to make our conserves and jams.”

The Frog Hollow Farm scuffins are baked in small batches so they are always fresh at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco or shipped frozen-fresh from Chef Becky's own kitchen at Frog Hollow Farm.

About Frog Hollow Farm:
Frog Hollow Farm is a 143-acre organic farm located east of San Francisco in the fertile Sacramento River Delta. The Frog Hollow Farm orchards find a perfect home in Brentwood, California’s Mediterranean-type climate with its warm days and cool nights. They grow more than 12 varieties of organic peaches and fourteen varieties of organic apricots, plus organic plums, cherries, and nectarines.

Farmer Al has been called a “rock star” of the organic fruit delivery industry because he selects only the sweetest, most flavorful, tree-ripened fruit to ship directly to his customers from tree to table in 48 hours. All tree-ripened fruit from Frog Hollow Farm is carefully boxed and shipped unblemished and ready to eat. Farmer Al insists, “We are sticklers for quality and want to make certain you get the best organic fruit possible.”

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