ITL Retailer Launches Stylish Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Built In Light Show range offers the finest quality sound with the latest features, and has industry leading battery life and their new product adds style to these features and a built in light show.

The most popular means by which to listen to music is now on a mobile phone. While this offers people a great way to escape the chaos of rush hour with their own custom music choices, playing music for a group on a phone’s internal speaker produces low quality, low volume, tinny sound that doesn’t serve to get the party started. Equally, phone speakers are only ever created to be adapted for one phone. ITL speakers on the other hand use Bluetooth to allow any device to transmit music, which is reproduced with astonishing quality and volume all without access to mains power.

ITL Retailer is a website that specializes in promoting ITL speakers, and has recently published a new article on their latest release, a blue-tooth connected speaker that offers an integrated, synchronized light show to get the party started as never before.

Their editorial includes a video breakdown of the key features of the Bluetooth speaker, and explains that its advantages over competitor products are numerous and significant. The site also reviews the HMDX Jam classics, and portable power supplies that will keep parties going for longer. These items are sure to see new highs in demand as summer approaches and more people take their socializing outdoors.

A spokesperson for explained, “We believe in these products perhaps more than anyone else, which is why we take the time to explain their features in depth and promote them to people everywhere, so that they can understand what makes the difference between your average remote speaker and an ITL speaker array. Our website has information on three of the most popular products offered by the company, including advice and guidance on choosing the best portable power bank to keep speakers running at their peak for longer than ever. We provide a one-stop solution for all portable speaker buying needs. Our latest release has fantastic sound, looks very stylish but also produces a light show. It is already getting great reviews on Amazon and we expect to see many more as we believe this product will grow with word of mouth recommendation.”

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ITL Retailer is the foremost distributer of ITL speaker arrays on the internet. The website is used to explain and promote the products while they are sold exclusively through the reliable Amazon marketplace. The speakers have outstanding reviews and user ratings and choosing the right one has never been easier than with ITL Retailer.

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