iti Direct Mail Adds Mailing Lists to its Portfolio of Products

One of the leading direct mail and printing companies made an addition to its list of products it offers.

Representatives with iti Direct Mail announced today that it has added mailing lists to its portfolio of products.

“These mailing lists are obtained from very reliable sources and credit bureaus,” said Alan Barseghian, marketing director of iti Direct Mail, whose specialty product is printing mail merged letters with personalized envelopes that do not look like junk mail. “The mailing list is a very important part of any direct mail campaign, as the campaign's response rate will suffer if the quality of the mailing list is poor or the list is not targeted properly, and it is also important that the lists are compiled and updated frequently.”

Barseghian explained that all of its mailing lists are re-compiled monthly or more frequently, and its data suppliers do not simply update the information on the list but actually rebuilds the entire database from scratch on every update to insure the most updated and accurate information.

“All of our mailing lists are NCOAed on each update to obtain the highest level of deliverability,” Barseghian said. “Now with our various mailing list solutions you have a one-stop shop for all of your direct marketing needs. With our years of experience in the direct mail industry, we can create lists that will target your potential audience, analyze your results, and continuously modify your list parameters to improve response rates. We are also able to suppress any previously purchased data or any records that you would like to exclude from your mailing list for any reason.”

Barseghian went on to point out that its consumer list with over 240 million records are updated monthly and have over 800 different selects available in demographics and life styles.

“With a much larger inventory of selects we are able to create a consumer list that is a perfect fit for your products and services,” Barseghian stressed, before adding, “Our consumer database includes 14 free selects in addition to some of the most sophisticated methods of choosing your geography. Our Dunn & Bradstreet U.S. business lists contain over 35 million with over 75 different selects allowing you to target your prospects intelligently. Over 95 percent of the records in the business database ( include contact names and phone numbers which makes it the perfect choice for B2B marketing campaigns whether being direct mail or telemarketing.”

In addition, Barseghian noted that its property lists are based on actual data from the county assessor’s offices and is not modeled information.

“Our property database includes actual loan data and detailed information about the property,” Barseghian said. “Our property database is a great choice for contractors, mortgage companies or any business that needs to target real property owners.”

Its parent company, Information Technologies, Inc., according to Barseghian, is one of the largest compilers of Federal and State tax lien data in the country. Their database consists of over 38 million tax lien records and is consistently used for soliciting consumers and businesses that are financially distressed.

“We also have access to nationwide bankruptcy lists including all the various chapters filed against businesses and consumers,” Barseghian said. “We can generate a list of new borrowers that include detail specifications about their loan. Additionally, we have access to lists of new homeowners and new movers which are a great source for local establishments that offer various services and products to new homeowners.”

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