Italian Suit Refers To The Cut Of The Material, Not Country Of Origin

An Italian men's suit is not one that is made in Italy. It refers to the style and cut of the suit. The suit can be made in Italy, but can also be made in other countries.

An Italian suit has change a little bit over the years, but remains true to the original style. The biggest change is in the jacket. The original jacket did not have vents. Today's jackets for the Italian suit can have two vents.

"The original fit of the Italian suit mean it did not allow much flexibility in the back. For larger men especially, this created a problem," said Steve Yavari, owner of Mens Suits Mall. "Even with the vents, the Italian suit is not really a good fit for someone who has wide shoulders. Italian suits are best worn by slim men."

The Italian cut is also shorter and meant to fit tighter. The shoulders have some padding. The lapel notches and buttons are higher than the same in British or American style suits.

"The pockets do not have flaps," Mr. Yavari said. "This is an issue for some men. They want pocket flaps. That's just a matter of personal style."

The front of the jacket, when button, has a very pronounced V shape. This means attention to the shirt and tie are most important with the Italian suit.

The pants have a tapered waist and hips that are snug to the body. Mr. Yavari said this is another reason the Italian suit is better suited for slender men.

"They work on tall men, but the key is still being slender," he said. "If you have a bit of a middle or you work out a lot, either way, an Italian suit is not going to be a good fit for you."

The material tends to be lighter than used in British suits.

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