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Online istunt directory unites stunt performers and productions in LA or on location.

Experts suggest the Hollywood and International Box Office would not be as profitable as it has been in recent years without both the large and small budget Action Movie. Finding men and women specially trained to perform these stunts is not something true filmmakers take lightly. Also in high demand, are other Action Professionals who can Second Unit Direct and Stunt Coordinate these action scenes as safely as possible.

According to J. Dunn, the Founder & CEO of, the global stunt directory online, finding the right players is an “exact process” and one not exclusive to the big budget action film. With that in mind, has extended its directory service to assist film, television, video games (like Call of Duty) and stage productions in finding the perfect stuntmen and stuntwomen that suits their production needs. Dunn states, "By searching iStunt’s online directory, anyone seeking to interview or hire stunt performers can easily browse their photos, professional reels, resume, links and even contact information for casting purposes. Those with Rare & Unique Talents, as well as the foundational Stunt Coordinators, Second Unit Director(s), and Action Professionals of ALL genres are available for productions worldwide… and if you can’t find them in your area yet, just hang tight. We’re working on finding these action pros from the four corners of the earth."

Dunn goes on to say, "Professional stuntman and stuntwoman are often considered the unsung heroes of the Entertainment Industry; both here in Hollywood, as well as the film industry worldwide. Now, with the inception of, these brave and talented men and women can have their profiles, pictures & reels seen by an international audience. It is the quest of most Hollywood productions to not only find these qualified, certified and union performers, but get to know them before they hire them. This website is the answer to the problem."

Individual Stunt performers and Stunt Teams are encouraged to join to have their head shots, bios, resumes, brands and reels on display, as they’re marketed to Productions Companies around the globe. Dunn confirms, saying, "There is not a more extensive directory of creative stunt performers and action directors online or in print. iStunt is unique amongst online websites that link both performers and production teams. It is extremely advanced technologically and members’ profiles can be updated quickly and easily, as needed, 24/7/365."

He goes on to emphasize that this online directory can also be accessed by mobile devices anywhere. Using it’s fully ‘responsive design’, as well as apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, agents, casting directors, studio teams and productions on location can find the stunt performers they require from any place in the world. If they cannot find someone, they can simply email iStunt and they’ll do the leg work. Performers listed with can update and change their information with a click of the mouse or easily on their mobile devices.

The goal of is to link professional stuntmen, stuntwomen, stunt coordinators, second unit directors, as well as stunt teams… with the production units needing their precise expertise. Linking those who perform, coordinate and shoot these heroic stunts / scenes with those who seek to hire them is their mission in Hollywood.

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