IsraelPharm- The Online pharmacy That Sells Prescription Medication At Cheaper Prices is a professional and licensed online pharmacy where you can buy drugs online at a cheaper price than all US pharmacies. IsraelPharm offers a fast and personal service and ships worldwide - you can even “Ask the Pharmacist” questions, same as you would in-store.

Bet Shemesh, Israel -- Buy Nexium, Motilium, Provigil, Androgel, Lyrica and Abilify online at lowest prices. All purchases need a valid and in-date prescription.

How does IsraelPharm get such cheap prescription medication prices?

IsraelPharm prices are set by the Ministry of Health in Israel. In Israel prescription drug prices are worked out according to a fine algorithm that balances economic factors and prices from Holland. The ministry's aim is to maintain quality and accessibility to prescription drugs and it provides one of the most economical in the world. Over the last few years this algorithm has meant that many IsraelPharm prices have dropped by over 30%, countering the rise in prescription drug costs around the world. The drugs are covered by Israel's health insurance baskets so it doesn't really affect Israeli's but it does enable International customers to buy medication from IsraelPharm online and save $100's on monthly med bills.

US insurance and how to avoid the Medicare donut hole!
In the USA the insurer can decide which meds are covered under each insurance plan and what the co-pay is. After reaching a $2,800 in prescription spending one becomes fully responsible for the prescription medication bills until a $4,550 in spending is exceeded. This period where medication starts costing big money is called the donut hole because the middle period has no support. Spending between $230 and $380 a month on medication is all it takes to end up in the hole. IsraelPharm helps avoid the donut hole by offering an online alternative that's often cheaper than buying drugs, even with co-pay. Below are saving examples for Nexium and Abilify, 2 of the most prescribed meds in the USA.

Buy Nexium case study – treatment for GERD, heartburn and other such gastric issues According to a study done by Contact 6 the average price for a 30 day supply of Nexium without insurance is $289.58 ($9.65/ pill). Buy Meds online at IsraelPharm and pay only $67.50 ($2.25/pill) – save $148 on Nexium!

Buy Abilify case study – treatment for depression and mental health illnesses Contact 6 estimate that the average price for a 30 day supply of Abilify without insurance is $957.687 ($31.92/pill). Buy Drugs online at IsraelPharm and pay only $357.86 ($11.93/day) – save $431 on Abilify!

Why is IsraelPharm different from other online pharmacies?

IsraelPharm is an experienced and highly professional team dedicated to giving you cheap prescription drugs and great service to keep pharmacy bills affordable. The IsraelPharm team has 3 core values – Excellence, Integrity and Transparency - most people don't find these values in all online pharmacy sites. IsraelPharm stays abreast of the ever changing International pharmaceutical market, upholding the highest quality standards and providing a personal service to each individual customer. IsraelPharm values customer privacy so all healthcare concerns, prescription information and personal details are kept secure. IsraelPharm is proud to be based in Israel, near Jerusalem. The team is made up of various nationalities including Australia, the USA, England, Morocco, France, Algiers and the former USSR.

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