IsraelPharm Prescription Drugs – Why Pay For Generics When You Can Buy Branded For Less?

IsraelPharm is a secure online pharmacy that makes it easy to buy prescription drugs at a lower price. Based in Israel, IsraelPharm charges price according to the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Israeli National Health basket.

Most of the drugs on IsraelPharm are branded and not generic. Generics are generally known for being cheaper but the price for branded drugs on will amaze you. delivers worldwide but only dispenses prescription drugs with a valid prescription.

When discussing the difference between generic drugs and branded drugs it's important to understand one thing. People choose to take generic versions over branded versions for one main reason – to save money. Even private insurance encourages the use of generics. Why? To help save the insurance company money, it's a good way to cut costs. However, there are concerns over cheap generics that come from India and Mexico so is it worth taking the risk just to save a few bucks?

Dr. Howard Brody at UTMB in Galveston explains that the active ingredients in generics are the same as branded so there is no reason not to use them. The generic version may look different and have different inactive ingredients but that shouldn't affect the success of the treatment. The insurance companies have already started issuing generic drugs, even before Obamacare started trying to control what brand of prescription drugs are taken. In 2012 the US saved as much as $217 billion by issuing generic medication over branded medication but as a personal choice, would one choose generics over branded if the cost of the branded was lower? Having established that the main reason to use generics is due to saving money, the answer is no.

To keep the cost of branded prescriptions low, it's worth going to an online pharmacy like to check the prices of branded medications. Often the prices are far cheaper than branded and generics in your local pharmacy. Here's a few examples of how much IsraelPharm can cut prescription medication costs: IsraelPharm sells 1 vial of Reclast 5mg/100cc for $772, compared to the cheapest GoodRX price of $1,157. 30 sachets of Androgel 1% will cost you $130, instead of the cheapest GoodRX price $419 and 28 tablets of Nexium 40mg only costs $63, compared to the cheapest GoodRX price $240.

When buying branded drugs at an online pharmacy there are $100's savings to benefit from. IsraelPharm also offers huge savings on other popular drugs like Prolia, Provigil, Viagra, Cialis and Lyrica. For example, it's possible to save $486 on Prolia 60mg ($430 v's $916).

When there are savings of so many $$$'s on branded drugs, why risk taking generic drugs? If the price is the same or lower, it's suggested to stick to the branded version. So, don't be scared off by the prices at the local pharmacy, head online to do some real research. If the physician writes a prescription that says branded version is medically necessary and does not allow a generic option, do not panic about the cost! There are ways to get cheaper branded prescriptions, you just have to look around.

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