Iso Reaching New Heights With “ECCE” – a Game-Changing Record Launched on January 21st, Now Available in Mp3, Wav, and FLAC Formats

Iso is an American artist on a mission to raise the bar of quality in the rap industry. His new album “ECCE” seamlessly blends old-school rap with modern electronic elements backed by masterful lyricism.

Iso entered the music industry with a blast in 2020, releasing what is rightfully considered one of the most impactful rap masterpieces of this decade, the critically-acclaimed “GREENLIGHT”. 

Where most would ride the coattails of a hit for as long as possible, iso was more than eager to jump back into the studio and grace his fans with fresh tracks. That is precisely what he did in 2021 when he returned to the stage with “I Wanna See” and a debut EP titled “Changin’ Conversation”. 

By bringing a unique combination of rap, trap, and hip-hop tunes to music marketplaces across all compass points, iso quickly climbed the ladder. With each performance, he gained experience but more importantly, a fresh perspective on music, the listeners, and the impact he is making in the music world. 

He inched toward his mission to change the rulebook by delivering meaningful tracks forged with refined talent and a dedication to perfection with each new release, and he made great strides when the “Black Capsule” EP landed in 2022. 

Iso started 2023 with a bang, launching his newest statement record “ECCE” on the 21st of January. Dubbed a “masterclass on verbal finesse and next-level poetic wisdom in action”, “ECCE” showcases Iso’s unrivaled lyrical genius, smooth vibes, and a box full of surprises for the listener; from unexpected sonic twists & turns to world-class instrumental chunks to crossovers most pros would shy away from, Iso delivered a full package of quality, timeless rap with his newest album. 

The “ECCE” album has been officially released on January 21st online and is now readily available for purchase and download in MP3, FLAC, and WAV formats. 

More information about Iso is available on the artist’s official website.

Contact Info:
Name: Osinachi Nwachukwu
Email: Send Email
Organization: iso
Address: United States
Phone: 5103143465

Release ID: 89089237